Kai Ca$h Gets Real on “Birth In The Borough” EP

After a super successful run of hit singles, Brooklyn, New York native Kai Ca$h is ready to rebirth his borough with his debut EP, Birth In The Borough. This tape features production by Rob Holladay, recently known for producing “Rule The World” by 2 Chainz ft. Ariana Grande. Also features production from fellow CYN members, Grammy-nominated producer Tank God and Niko Brim. This EP is a whole vibe and lyrical embodiment of Brooklyn in 2019. Kai has been notorious for taking us around the world with his versatile sound, from Nola on his “400 Degrees” freestyle. He also has Cali vibes on his more recent hit-single “The West”. On this project, Kai walks you through the essence of what it means and feels like to be from his borough of New York. From track to track you’re embarked on a journey of his life, style, and ambiance. 

Birth In The Borough is my soundtrack for me being back home (Brooklyn, New York). It’s a personal experience from creator to consumer, just giving you bits and pieces of my aura, my style, my thoughts, my vibes in general. The project is full of content, from lyricism to melodies and stories to sonic art. When you listen to BITB, I want you to be able to relate, catch the immortal vibe, and 

“Imagine the stories/storylines you hear while tuning in…. overall I just want you to enjoy it!” – Kai Ca$h on his debut project

BITB is undoubtedly what New York Hip-Hop has been missing! In every song, you can feel the mixture of era and sound through each story. It goes without saying that Kai is rebirthing the game. Surprisingly, one track Ca$h teams up with none other than King Push himself as they take us on a lyrical eruption. Furthermore, this project is single-handedly setting the tone, not only for rap music but for Brooklyn, New York.

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