Kai Ca$h & CEO Trayle Talk Hardships to making a way towards prosperity w/ New Single “Helen Keller”

Kai Ca$h’s 711 (Deluxe) album has become a compilation of records that has exalted him to a position of influence. An album that exhibited a maturity that reflects who Kai Ca$h is as both an artist and a person. His experiences to-date are eloquently shared in the lyricism of each record with an effortless glide from beginning to end. Amongst some of Kai’s records, “Helen Keller” featuring CEO Trayle, has seemingly taken the role of “save the best for last” to heart. Although the record is the finishing touch to the album, the visual component for “Helen Keller” elevates its status as top contender for fan favorite.

“Working with Trayle has always been fire man. Our first session was last year when we got introduced to each other & he came in with the energy to work. Since that first session we just clicked and snapped on every record we did together lol, me and Trayle literally got like 10 songs together it’s crazy. Best part about it is we’re total opposite of each other. Trayle is the gangsta rapper but he’s also a street n***. And me; well I’m the cool, calm, elegant guy with the wordplay but the way the two identities mesh is fire.”

Kai Ca$h on working with CEO Trayle

For many of us, being able to let go of past mistakes and bad situations does not come easy. It takes time for us to heal from our wounds and be able to grow. But for Kai Ca$h living in the past is not something he is willing to settle for. “Forgot about my past tense, cause I live and learn” is a lyric we should all abide by. Kai Ca$h understands that his past was a test that has evolved into his testimony. No need to harbor on yesterday’s wrongdoings, when we have today to learn how to flourish from them. “Helen Keller” is a story of coming from hardships to making a way towards prosperity.

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