Kahlil Simplis is making a comeback this year with the release of his new project, “Safehouse Vol. 1”, out Friday, October 22nd. The inspiration behind the project stemmed from a long, toxic relationship that he shared with a woman. 

“Every song on this project is a different scenario about me and the toxic love connection I’ve shared with a woman for a long time. Through this project, I’m trying to tell her to trust her intuition and to leave her current situation to be with me because I feel that she deserves so much better.” shares Kahlil in a recent interview. 

Everything from Kahlil Simplis’s image to his music reflects who he truly is as an artist and represents full authenticity. His upbringing focused mostly on his dream of playing basketball, which unfortunately came to an end because of his injuries. During his recovery, Kahlil entered a state of depression and he resorted to writing poetry during his darkest days.

Kahlil Simplis Goes Above & Beyond

Music became the outlet he needed to express how he really felt, which helped him overcome his depression. The studio became his sanctuary and he hasn’t looked back since. His journey through life is translated to his sound, and he aims to inspire his fans to never stop working and to never fall into life’s distractions in order to excel and reach their goals. He himself saw the heights he could reach if he stayed disciplined and focused. 

In his free time, Kahlil helps out music directors create treatments for music videos. He is also big on self-healing and self-love and practices meditation, crystal/chakra love, ancestral healing, and sound frequency healing. His hobbies help him stay fluid and in an open state of mind which allows him to create freely and have full trust with his work. 

Kahlil released his first singles in 2019, followed by his popular “Just Started” EP in 2020. With his new project “Safehouse Vol. 1”, he gives his listeners a glimpse of his intimate love life. Keep an eye out for Kahlil’s project, coming out today on all major streaming platforms. Also, tune in to Season 2 Episode 5 of Starz’s Powerbook II: Ghost, for a special feature of his song. 

Check out “Safehouse Vol. 1” below!

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