Pasadena Rapper JustinTraye Drops Infectious Single “What A Shame”

Pasadena rapper JustinTraye is looking to put the city on with his latest effort, “What A Shame.” The MarSnare-produced track finds Traye linking up with some of the West Coast’s most respect rappers: Mozzy, Katori Walker, and Skeme. The visuals, shot by Director Carrington, catch the four creeping out after dark. “On the gang, I’m ashamed of niggas falling off / You ain’t really activated, nigga, knock if off,” Mozzy raps.

“I sent the beat to Skeme and once he sent it back, I instantly heard Mozzy on it. I reached out to Dave O and we made it happen. After the song was done, I felt like something was missing so I hit my hometown native Katori Walker. I told him it would be a shame if he wasn’t on this,” Traye details about the collaboration.

“Yeah, nigga you should be ashamed of yourself / Got your hands out, you should be hanging yourself,” JustinTraye superbly raps midway through his verse. Inglewood rapper Skeme can be heard on the hook while Katori Walker leads the final verse with impressive wordplay. “What A Shame” is Traye’s first visually-accompanied release since August 2018’s “Say That.” Check out the gloomy music video above.

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