Justin S. Grant Has A Lot To Offer To The Music Industry

Justin S. Grant entered the industry, claiming his seat on the list of successful artists of the year. The American singer-songwriter’s debut song “Don’t go,” offers a new perspective on music delivery: from honest lyrics to mixing various genres, the artist successfully launched a new era in music, all about inclusiveness, breaking common stereotypes, rules, and limits. Besides sharing quality music with his listeners, Grant also did a great job of releasing his music. Moreover, using lyric videos for all of his singles helps a lot. The lyric video for “Don’t go,” for instance, is a perfect combination of well-produced music and accompanying visuals. The visuals transform the overall vibe and the emotion that the song is carrying. 

Grant also did a magnificent job of reminding all of us where we came from: the cover of “Let it be” by The Beatles was a glance to what music used to sound and feel like before, combined with some fresh motives and new approaches. 

Justin S. Grant has a BA degree in Creative Writing & also studied world religions and engineering. He has also implemented his exceptional ability to combine and mix various subjects into his music career as well: from pop to rock, rap, or electronic music, this promising artist is able to do it all! By merging sounds, cultures, and beats, Justin S. Grant offers a completely new approach to the world of music: no boundaries, no limits, no restrictions at all. 

Check out his latest single here below!

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