June3rd Gets Dimensional with Debut Album ‘Jemeni’

Among the good things to check out this week: the debut album Jemeni from June3rd has arrived. The rising star has teased us with fun spirited singles such as “Wait 4 It” and “POV” garnering anticipation for his first album. Jemeni tells a relatable story that we all can identify with in some wavelength. The beginning appeals to our fun dating side when things are new, full of lust. Eventually, June3rd finds himself rethinking his flings and things turning to a new page. 

Living in LA, I’m sure the dating scene is nothing less than interesting. Jemeni paints that picture well. I personally like how the album simply alludes to a good time without the extra hoorah you could say. Even the songs towards the end of the album where you hear his attitude shift to less enthusiastic, you still find yourself vibing along with him. If you listen carefully, each song perfectly leads into the other subject wise. “Without You” gives details into a separation and how he’s fine on his own and leads you to the more somber “Turn the Page” where that grief and missing someone comes into play. 

Falling for a Jemeni

As you begin to connect the dots with each song, you notice that June is searching for something. Whether serious or not, he does not make clear but eventually we can hear he catches feelings. A relatable course of action for most of us. With the help of features from Fridayy and the forever smooth Rick Ross, he reels us into the chase of new entanglements. If you’re looking for something to vibe with your boo too, “Ruff Ryder” and “1942” offer a more chill tone.

Jemeni gives you an array of upbeat, chill and more vulnerable records to choose from. You’ll find yourself stuck in the beginning messages, middle or maybe identifying more with the end stories. Between the blunt lyrics and captivating beats, you’ll find yourself stuck. 

If you haven’t had the chance to look into the Kissimmee, Florida native: I had the opportunity to speak with June upon the release and learn a little about where he’s been and headed. First, I had to get the explanation behind his name being June3rd. Surprisingly, despite the album being named Jemeni, that is not his zodiac. 

“Jemeni came together originally from my name being June3rd and everyone assuming that it’s my birthday and that I’m an actual Gemini. Then from there, Jemeni became much more than a title. It became a character and symbolic of a different side/personality of me. We all have those different sides to us. Throughout the album, you’ll hear a roller coaster of different emotions and mindsets that change throughout me being young and figuring out life and what I want out of it.” – June3rd

Although, June 3rd does fall in the actual Gemini season, June shares that his stage name originates from his Grandfather’s name. Being a 3rd generation descendant from his grandfather as well, that’s where June3rd comes alive. A creative spin on things for sure. His music is a blend of his southern roots and LA-lifestyle. June pulls on his early experiences and current to express where he is in life with each record.  

Chasing a Dream

Having grown up in the time where BET’s 106 & Park dominated afternoons for teens nationwide. Artists such as Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Usher and Kanye West played a large role in cultivating a culture and influencing many. June used these influences combined with his everyday surroundings to figure out how to convey his artistry. 

June mentions having tried the college lifestyle before pursuing music full-time. Moving to LA in 2015, he worked along closely with a personal favorite, singer and songwriter Eric Bellinger. Writing out of Bellinger’s studio upon arriving in LA, June really learned necessary tips on writing and navigating the business. He credits his relationship with Bellinger as one that taught him a great deal on simply leveling up. More importantly, this is when June really nurtured his sound. He then released songs like the popular “Thirsty” and “There U Go”. With the progression of his songs he’s shown a certain level of growth that’s important in new artists to watch. 

“Nobody is gonna make it happen for you. You could be one of the most talented people in the world but how are you going to get the people to see that. That automatically motivates me and gets my brain moving with ideas. I receive that message on a daily basis. My team can assist me but they can’t do it for me.” – June3rd

June shared that his hope for this album is that it continues to elevate him. Hoping it will open those doors he’s headed towards. His goal was to express just him being young and all the different sides that come with that. “It’s really just embracing that your mind can change at any moment; no one can get mad at you for that. That’s the kind of story I’m portraying.” 

Stream ‘Jemeni’ here and keep on the lookout for all things June3rd:

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