Jucee Froot: The New Budding Voice Of Memphis

Jucee Froot has one of the most recognizable singles in the industry. Her infectious sound mixed with her southern drawl makes it easy to listen to her music. Her sync placements on Birds Of Prey and the P-Valley theme song “Down In The Valley” made her a household voice. Moreover, her work is everywhere, and now she wants the world to know who she is. Recently, she dropped a fire remix to “Could Never” with Moneybagg Yo. The visual for “Could Never” has over 1.5 Million total streams. This is insane for an artist who is still building a name for herself. The Loyal 100 Entertainment/Art@War/Atlantic Records MC is on her way to the big leagues very soon. Our interview gave us a deep look into her plans, and we look forward to seeing her win in 2022.

Check out sit-down with the voice of P-Valley’s Theme song below!

First things first, introduce people to who Jucee Froot is for those who do not know just yet?

Jucee Froot: Hello everybody! I am the voice from the P-Valley intro for those who do not know me. I have a couple of other songs on shows and movies you all love, but that’s the most popular.

As an artist from Memphis, there seems to be a lot of great music coming from that area. Can you talk about the current scene there?

Jucee Froot: The music scene is rugged. We give you that gutter. Not a lot of people can do it like us. It’s an excellent time for us because many people are paying attention. We got people like Pooh Shiesty and Moneybagg just going up. It’s something about our voices. We rip them!

2 things you keep is a hit and song sync on one of our favorite shows. Discuss how you are able to stay in the mix when it comes to those types of opportunities. Did your family know that it was you on P-Valley?

Jucee Froot: I like to make music that people can relate to. It’s either making them cry or having them turn up ready to go in. I want the whole world to have a good time and feel good in their world. My music gets to where it needs to go. It’s nothing but God!

Man, my direct family knew, but my industry friends took a while to catch on. They gave me that love, but it just added a bit more to how they looked at me.

Jucee Froot
Photo by Will Sterling

Your record “Could Never” was already dope, now your remix with fellow Memphis MC makes it even better. How did that track come about?

Jucee Froot: We made some calls, got the business together, and we went in. It was dope that we got to collaborate and create a banger. He did what he had to do on there.

Your voice and sound is so distinct. Who would you say influenced this sound? How did your name come about?

Jucee Froot: I have a baby face on me. When I was a baby, they used to call me Jucee. Then from Half Baked when the grandma kept calling them Fruit Loops. After that, I just mixed them, which was the first tattoo I got.

My city helped mold my sound. I would say an artist that passed away, Flyboy Zee helped me when I started. I can go from 0-100 real quick!

If you had dinner and could only invite 5 musicians whose work you enjoy(DOA) who would those people be?

Jucee Froot: I’m going to go to Wing Guru and get my hands dirty! I would bring Zee, NBA Youngboy, Kevin Gates, Rihanna, and man Beyoncé to have to come to the hood. Drake has already arrived and gone.

What are some goals that you have for the rest of the year?

Jucee Froot: I want to make sure my kids are loved and protected. I can become no one-hit-wonder. We can’t do that! I’m just going to keep pushing. Moreover, I have a feeling I will win some awards. I want to have a hologram of Zee on stage with me one day when I perform. That would mean the world to me.

Lastly, you have been going in for some years now. What about this time around feels different?

Jucee Froot: I don’t think my music will ever change. It just feels like more and more people are paying attention this time around.

Lastly, follow her on social media and watch her latest visual below!

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