JR Chip tackles deeper issues In His New Track

JR Chip puts modern rappers to shame in heartfelt think track “Nobodies Innocent” that tackles deeper issues

Sometimes it’s not sure about partying. It’s about sending a message. “Nobodies Innocent” perfectly embodies this concept in true style in a  genius spectacle of rap prowess. It perfectly blurs the line between sweetly melodic music and hard-hitting bars as we are whisked away on a consciousness-expanding journey through a world of timeless lyricism and raw rap charisma.

As the rappers breathtaking vocals gorgeously seep through a heavy beat, we are taken deep into the depths of human nature. The track talks on the concept of innocence. How we are all guilty for something and nobody is perfect.

The deep think-piece is the perfect soundtrack for anyone going through the regular struggles of life that needs a little pick-me-up. The powerful production from Eli Smith only adds to this energy and creates a bold, daring sound that breaks boundaries in every way.

The sign came about when the rapper linked up with good friend and iconic producer, Ghana1kbeats. He had an incredible beat in the works and the singer knew he sut had to get involved. After relentlessly pestering him about it, he managed to get a hold of it and set to work on creating an innovatively timeless track that ignites the imagination. From flowing in the studio, to putting it out the release and filming a moody music video, the end result is something unforgettable.

Stream the song Nobodies Innocent with the link below. 

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