Jourdin Pauline: The Royal Princess Of Pop Reigns Supreme

Jourdin Pauline continues to reign supreme as Pop’s next sensation with her talent, charm, and youthful energy. The multifaceted musician makes a raved return with the release of her latest offering “Kick It”! The Guyanese Pop Priness’ fiery and carefree confidence is surrounded by hazily grooving guitars and sensuous synths.

Served up as a sizzling Spring single to jumpstart our Summer, Jourdin arrives with accompanying visuals for the astounding audio to drop simultaneously. In fact, Jourdin Pauline and her new raved record are a lively representation of the booming star’s boundless potential. The joyful yet seductive production and its paired official video offering inspired by carefree vibes, fits the lovable appeal of its creator. It strives to set aside negativity and enjoy living your best life by letting go of everything dragging you down. While enticing her lover through her luscious lyricism and sultry seductive style. 

Get Ready To “Kick It”

Breathing new life into the already infectious single, the Supo Supreme-directed visual alongside creative direction from Jourdin herself, sees the lavish life of Pop’s propelling star through the industry’s lenses. After years of utilizing her videos as a solo arena to explore all the things she can subject her artistry to, the star is now inviting others into the Jourdin Pauline show through a tried-and-true pop star tactic: holding a house party. In doing so, the Pop sensation provides fans with a perfect depiction of Jourdin’s carefree and beamingly bright nature. 

Additionally, it features the new music superstar holding a must-see exclusive interview with a popular broadcast journalist, during which the pop singer reveals her love interests and answers a slew of questions. Backed by the exuberant sound of the single, Pauline holds a house party complete with beer pong, dance routines, bottles, and much more. The hype house party will have you wanting more from the trailblazing talent. Pauline, with her distinct voice and dynamic energy, is poised to continue making her imprint in the music world with back to back bangers including her most recent release, “Kick It”. The vibe of a video gives us a great introduction to her music while also satisfying her faithful fans.

Jourdin Pauline Is Trailblazing Throughout 2023

As a result, the sizzling single and vibrant video serve as the ideal starting point for any newfound fan as the pop singer prepares for a blockbuster year. “Kick It” follows up Pauline’s previously released 2021 smash single, “Boot It Up”, as well as her dance-driven 2021 drop “Danger”. In fact, her “Danger” record was revived this year via Tik Tok when Jersey Club staple, DJ Smallz 732, created a catchy club version to the already hot hit! 

Furthermore, “Kick It” foreshadows the debut of Jourdin’s new forthcoming Naked album, which serves as her sophomore studio album and is set to arrive around late-2023. Her unique and magical ability makes you feel like you’re just around the corner. Nonetheless, her smooth blend of mature and modern pop sounds paired with carefree early 2000s vibes provide a nostalgic feel while sounding so brand new! Her sophisticated sound, packed equally with fun-filled experiences and relatable records and thoughts, is undeniably a pop sensation in the making! 

Jourdin Pauline Strips Naked On New Highly Anticipated Album

Overall, creating music that moves the masses, Jourdin’s authentic artistry is highlighted in every hit and showcased in all of her imagery. Simultaneously, she continues to push the boundaries of her business and fashion. Concurrently, her captivating looks continue to ignite social media. Overall, Jourdin Pauline is setting the tone for a slew of sizzling releases scheduled in 2023! In addition to changing the culture forever through her crafts and creativity. 

Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine as we had the pleasure to chop it up with the multifaceted thriving talent! First, get familiar with the enthralling entrepreneur, influencer and amazing artist. Also, be sure to keep scrolling and press play on the official visual below within our interview. Lastly, let us know what you think as we will be keeping up with all things Jourdin Pauline. 

The Interview — 

  • Hey Jourdin! Happy Wednesday! How are you? What’s the weather like in LA? My name is Minnee and it’s a pleasure to be speaking with you today on behalf of KAZI Magazine. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit with me today. Let’s get right into it! For readers tuning in, can you tell us who Jourdin Pauline is and where it all began? 

Hey! I’m doing good, how are you? It’s a little gloomy today. Thank you for having me. It is an absolute pleasure. Well, Jourdin Pauline is the Guyanese Pop Princess. Let’s start there. I’m trap pop mixed with a little bit of everything. When i was 10 years old, I started professionally. And yeah, I’ve really been going ever since then!

  • What was it like growing up in Guyana before relocating to Crenshaw? How would you say the different cultures have influenced your artistry? 

Growing up at home was more so – it’s way more respect out there. Then coming here kids are more so mean and it kinda took me by shock a lot. Just the culture difference to change was like, really shocking to me. I couldn’t believe how many people were. But yeah, that’s pretty much the major difference. I left when I was six. So I ended up going to a school out here in LA for one year. I couldn’t take it. I said, I have to go like, no, I cannot be there. They were meany poos. So yeah, that was pretty much the culture difference- the shock. Also, since we moved in the 60s, it was like a lot of police over there high speed chases, people running through our back yard, giving away weed. I heard gun shots for the first time. I was like wow this is wild, Los Angeles is crazy.

But, I’m actually pretty grateful because I don’t know if we would have migrated somewhere else… I unnecessarily, probably wouldn’t know what I would be today. Because I will say when we first came to LA, my mom was pursuing her dreams of being in the music industry. And that exposure to that exposed me to see the grind, to see studios, to see the creative process. So I’m actually really grateful for it. Because who knows? We could have been, you know, anywhere.

  • What’s your creative process like? What’s a day in a studio session with you like? 

Every year I would say, there’s a different creative process. I would say my creative process changes like every year, pretty much it’s just like, energy. I’m very big on energy. And I’m very big on allowing, the music to speak to you through song. You know, I might freestyle off top a full song, or on some days I have to sit down and just write it down, you know. But, it’s always different. It varies a lot.

  • Let’s get into your continuous climbing career. As a songwriter, you’ve penned and been heard on the big screen for films and shows such as: Disney’s Ant Farm & Shake It Up, Freeform Grown-ish, ABC’s Black-ish, Maybelline, Love & Hip-Hop, Peacock original Vampire Academy, NETFLIX’s 13 Reasons Why, and many more. With that being said, do you remember the first song you ever wrote?

Ah, honestly I don’t know. I have a really long catalogue. I have a very, very long catalogue. I can remember the song that actually no, I don’t even know that song. Hmm, I was in the studio one time a long time ago with Dr. Dre when I was a baby like a kid for real. I was suggesting ideas and they liked it and I was like, okay, cool. Like you guys like it. My mom’s like, “Be quiet, sit down” because you know she wasn’t suppose to have me there but I just suggested something and they’re like “Let her talk, let her say something”, and they all loved it.

  • Also, what was the first music you wrote for someone else?

I will say my first first song I wrote for “Shake It Up”. It was called “Dance All Night”. They loved that. But every other song after that. Those are like core memories. For me. It was like after that, they’re just like, in one ear and out the other.

The Joyful Journey of Jourdin Pauline

  • As an ever-evolving creative, since stepping on the scene how would you say your debut album Love Songs About Nobody differ from the arrival of your anxiously anticipated forthcoming Naked album? 

I will say Naked is more… it’s more real. It’s more realistic to my situation, my coming of age story.I’m talking about nasty stuff, sexual experiences. It just feels like it’s more so like a woman that other women can relate to. And more so not so like Love Songs About Nobody. It’s more conceptual. It’s definitely way more conceptual. It’s more fun, it’s more free. It’s way more vibey.

That’s what everything I was aiming for. Because I said when I dropped Love Songs About Nobody two years that was like my introduction. To let people know that I can really make music. This is something that I love to do. And I’m just gonna give you a taste of who I am. Naked, is more so like that too, but also just like this is who I am now. I don’t really need your approval because I’m already chosen by God. So you can either love it or you not. But it’s vibes you know?

  • You recently released the day-to-day lavish life of Jourdin-inspired visual for your raved release “Kick It”. Can you tell us the inspiration behind the visual? 

I got inspired by Charlie Sheen, and Britney Spears and their breakdown era. And I felt like that brokendown era was very necessary. And, you know, it’s a lot of pressures in the entertainment field and world, so I kind of wanted to bring light to that. Like how people always just come at you but never really truly know who you are. So that was pretty much the inside of that. I’m actually cool as shit – you know, like, you don’t really have to come at me like that. You could come kick it, you know? And that is really what it came from the I’m winning. I’m winning. I’m winning.

Actually, I had went to a party one time with Miguel and Lil Baby. And I just knew a lot of people there or whatever. But it’s like a popularity contest in LA. And you know, when you go in certain rooms and stuff a lot of people like to protest who they are like, I’m this, I’m this, I’m this. But my thing is, I don’t like to protest because I don’t have to, you know, I’m here. So I had like a kind of like a breakdown. And Miguel’s like, “Look, you got to know who you are like, you understand like you’re winning”. I was like, oh my god, Charlie Sheen. I’m winning! It was like that and it kind of trickled down. Then I wrote it down. I called up my director Supo and he wrote the treatment for “Kick It” and then that’s kind of just how it all transpired off of a party that I went to. I was like, wow, like this is crazy

  • Additionally, with the rapid rise of Jersey Club although it’s been around for a minute, what was it like seeing your previously released sizzling single “Danger” thriving on TikTok and being remixed by Jersey Club staple, DJ Smallz 732? 

DJ Smallz is so hard, he is so cool. That was really cool for me. I really wish I feel like you know, I was just watching an interview. I don’t remember who I was watching the interview by but it was somebody I was just watching. And they were just saying like, yeah, we released this song such and such years ago, and it just took off. Now this year, and that resonates with me a lot because like, I have to realize like, it’s not about how quick you do it. I know what’s going to happen, you know, so I was kind of like, I really wanted that song go crazy crazy on Tik Tok.

But, like I said, I’m not a big protester on already voicing something that’s here and people are gonna come and recognize it regardless, so. I feel like that was just an honor that he even did that for me and people are still using the sound too, so I’m just letting it take its time to climb and do what it do. But, it was super lit. They played it in New York when I was there. A lot of my friends like that song, they play it at their parties or in the car and stuff so yeah, I just be chilling.

  • Many may not know, but you’re also a FashionNova brand ambassador. How did  the collaboration come about? And what does residual income mean to you as a woman who wears many hats gracefully as an artist, influencer, entrepreneur and more. 

They initially reached out to me. I love FashionNova and first of all, that is a blessing. I love FashionNova and I love everything that they’re about. So they reached out to me and yeah, we started working and doing business. It’s so crazy because I remember a while ago I reached out to them maybe in 2018. Just you know when they first was pretty much getting poppin’ and they were just like “Oh we’re not interested, ahh ahh ahh” and then reached out to me! Like full circle. Also, got some collaborations coming soon and I’m just like period.

Yeah, residual income is important. I mean, now because at first like being an independent artists and the grind you know, I will make money and just put it right back into myself. So now I would say like this is my first year of actually having money you know. Being able to do stuff for my family, my friends, the people in need. I’m I’m doing it well, I would say and of course, like different things are coming from the acting and then like music and now we’re doing merch – so merch and then shows. Yes, it’s great. The money overflow is coming to us now. Wishing abundance of overflow for everyone watching this.

What’s Next?

  • As an entrepreneur, could you elaborate on a few of your current endeavors? 

Yes, merch. The mech is coming back. I dropped it last year and then we sold out. Then I was like, you know, I want really cool designs and I took a break, but we’re coming back harder with really cool merch this time. So yeah, merch, and I’m not doing the weed thing anymore. So I’m not gonna have any more weed strains, but we have other things in works. We definitely have other stuff in the works.

  • What’s next for the trailblazing talent that is Jourdin Pauline throughout 2023? 

More new music, more acting, more merch is coming back. Just staying busy.

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

Go stream “Kick It“. Be sure to tell everybody you know. Your mom and your grandpa, your uncle’s , aunties, cousins, friends, and their friends. And yeah, come join the community. I love you guys!


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