Josh Clarke tabs TVGucci for a Dope Remix

Josh Clarke and TVGucci come up with dope concepts

Josh Clarke and TVGucci combine musical prowess for a new energetic single titled “Labeled A Boss Remix.” To add flair to the upbeat track, a Sci-Fi themed visual with effect-laden scenes is guaranteed to have viewers’ eyes glued to their television or smartphone screens.

Both artists are excited to share the entertaining video and thrilling song as it was in the works for a couple of months. Similar to IRobot or Batman, the technological aspect of the video sells it.

“TVGUCCI is a great artist to work with, energy is on point, and he has a similar work ethic to mine,” Clarke said. “When two emcees with cohesive energy and approaches combine, magic happens.” 

Curated with intricate design and wordplay, this remix is an example of making an original better instead of oversaturating it. It sounds like a whole new song while keeping the flair of the original.

Josh Clarke is a talented multi-layered rap and R&B artist from Canada. Keep your eye out for his unique sound and a wise mindset. Add in a co-sign by OVO affiliate and rising star TVGUCCI; you have a new potential hit on the way! 

“Labeled A Boss Remix” is on all DSPs, and the video is on YouTube. Josh Clarke is a gem out of Canada to keep tabs on! He ask all viewers to share and promote this visual, he has more on the way soon.

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