Jordyn Woods Tells HER Side Of The Tristan Thompson Story On Red Table Talk

It has been a very long week for Jordyn Woods and the Kardashian clan. Being just over a week since we first learned of the drama.

This began when reports claimed that Woods, who is best friends with Kylie Jenner had made out with NBA star Tristan Thompson who also is the father of Khloe Kardashian‘s child.

Recently she sat down with long time family friend Jada Pinkett-Smith on her Red Table Talk, where she detailed the now infamous night.

Woods describes a Sunday night out in which her crew and Thompson’s crew ended up partying together, and eventually ending up at his house at the end of the night.

She denies giving him a lapdance, or making out with him at the party, and claims that the two were in plain sight. Woods also denies that anything intimate between her and Thompson happened, he did not try to take her to a room or that any flirting occured.

During the conversation, Woods does take responsibility for being in the house, and creating the opportunity for a narrative to be created.

She did admit that on the way out, he did kiss her.

“On the way out he did kiss me,” she said. When asked by Jada Pinkett-Smith what kind of kiss she went into detail. “No passion, no nothing on the way out. He just kissed me. It was a kiss on the lips. No tongue kiss, no making out.”

She later continued.

“I don’t think he’s wrong either,” she said. “Because I allowed myself to be in this position. Because when alcohol is involved people make dumb moves.”

Watch video above!

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