Jordan Khoury Next To Rise

As a kid growing up in an immigrant family, Jordan Khoury got a chance to witness his parents do amazing things. He watched his parents create multiple businesses in various industries here in the US.They taught Jordan the values of entrepreneurship, patience, and delving deeper into the industries that were more promising. He watched as his parents would dive into what was popular with each new business they opened and noticed they made money every time. When he was just a young kid, the first business he saw his parents own was a restaurant. But as he started growing older he would see his parents open a CBD business because of it’s growing popularity. And just recently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jordan’s parents opened up a hand sanitizer manufacturing company so they could distribute hand sanitizer in portable containers.

Now he’s a sophomore in college studying entrepreneurship and focusing on his goal to open his own business in the near future. His parents have definitely been role models for him and helped to influence his choice to become an entrepreneur for himself. They taught Jordan to never be scared and take risks in order to become successful. And they also taught him to always trust his own gut and do what he felt was right. He’s already using the skills and tools his parents taught him while he was growing up to his advantage. One of the ways he uses them is to spot different trends in various industries so he can make decisions on where to invest.

From Jordan’s point of view, one of the biggest challenges as an entrepreneur is the risk of investing. And that’s because entrepreneurs are often liable for most of the loss if not all of it, making risks greater for an entrepreneur than for the company. But with high risks comes high rewards so Jordan will always advocate for being your own boss and being able to invest. He believes in opening a business that offers a product or service that is constantly being used. With this kind of mindset and knowledge, Jordan is well on his way to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur.

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