Jon Z Tags Snoop & Wiz For “Si Me Gano Un Grammy”

Jon-Z re-released “Si Me Gano Un Grammy” on the day of the Latin Grammy Awards. The song is featuring the living legend Snoop Dogg. It also features multi-platinum selling, Grammy and Golden Globe-nominated recording artist Wiz Khalifa“Si Me Gano Un Grammy ” opens a new slate in the urban genre with a track fused with a west coast beat and catchy lyrics that speak to hip-hop lovers in Latin America, the U.S.A., and across the globe.  

The collaboration between the artists originated during the Covid-19 lockdown; Jon-Z and Wiz Khalifa performed an Instagram Live session together, which fueled the inspiration for the remaking of Jon-Z’s original track, “Si Me Gano Un Grammy.” The original single came out in November of 2019. It garnered over 163 million views on YouTube. Moreover, it also has 43 million streams on Spotify. Lastly, it was even featured on multiple top digital service provider (DSP) playlists.  

Chosen Few Emerald Entertainment continues to make history fusing American Hip-Hop and the Urban Latin genres. Manuel Alejandro Ruiz, also known as Boy Wonder “Chosen Few” produced the collaboration, delivering yet another milestone contributing to this new era of Latin Urban music while adding to the evolution of the hip-hop genre and culture.  

Lastly, watch the visual here today!

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