JOKES UP!: Ron Suno Isn’t Here To Play

When it comes to Bronx native, Ron Suno, you already know the vibes. Always bringing the heat and the fun, Ron’s musical style makes drill music enjoyable to the masses. His catalog ranges from catchy bops to hard-hitting hits. In fact, his versatility and belief that there’s more to rap than the thug lifestyle is reflected in his music. 

All Jokes Aside…

Recently, while Woo walking through the streets of NY, Ron Suno dropped off his latest 12-track project titled, JOKES UP. The brand new release features guest appearances from NJ rapper, Fetty Wap on the trendy track “Drill Zoo”, Jay Critch on “Oh La La” to the fiery collab with Sheff G on “Winners” and “Wraith” including DDG. In addition to hot features, it’s compiled with sliding 808s and skittering hi-hats. 

Ron presents his new album as a way to prove his rap credentials while injecting the boisterous personality that his growing fanbase enjoys. On June 8th, Ron had an album release party and to no surprise it was a movie! Familiar faces like Rah Swish, Kocky Ka, Phresher, and Capella Grey pulled up to the event to show support. 

Welcome To The #GrabbaChallenge

His new album, JOKES UP, paints the perfect picture of his artistry as it fuses together all aspects of who he is. Ron Suno takes his emceeing to a new level on the project as he swiftly rhymes over the hard-hitting beats, going toe-to-toe with some of the best rappers in the Five Boroughs.  As well as combining a locked-in flow with sharp wordplay and jabs that playfully undermine his bravado. As a result, the Bronx rapper continues to stand out amongst a long list of emcees. 

In celebration of his new release, Ron offers up his “GRABBA” visual and set the summer on fire! Watch here and be sure to tap into the #GRABBAchallenge! 

Ron Suno is self-motivated and hell-bent on living beyond laughs at this point in his career. Putting aside the humor, he’s eager to be taken seriously, moving into a creative area that reflects his growth. Stay locked here at KAZI Magazine to find out why Ron Suno is one of the industry’s most promising newcomers! Get to know Ron Suno and his vibe through our recent conversation below! We got some exclusives… I promise you won’t want to miss out

The Ron Suno Drill Effect

Who Is Ron Suno ? 

  • Thank you so much for taking the time out to speak with myself and KAZI Magazine! With the release of your newest project, Jokes Up, we want to learn more about Ron Suno, your artistry, the album and more. So let’s kick it off… With such a fun, free-spirited and distinctive musical sound and style — what’s it like being the first comedic drill rapper out of the Bronx?

“I ain’t gon’ lie. I feel good you feel me? Like right now in the position I’m in, I feel like I paved the way and I made it comfortable for anybody that’s doing something after me, they could do you heard? So I opened a new lane where people where people could just be themselves. So, it definitely feels good to open that lane.”

  • Let’s take it back to the beginning, with trendy projects like Swag Like Mike featuring hit singles like “Pinocchio” and “Spider-Man” featuring Brooklyn rhymer Fivio Foreign… which song would you say is your personal track off that album? & Why? 

“I say BANG ‘EM, ya heard? Because I got “Bang’Em” tatted. “Bang ‘Em” on my arm. That’s my lingo you heard? So like, that’s just something I live by. Feel me? Every day when I say BANG ‘EM, I mean I’m going crazy! Like, that mean, I just made a difference. And it’s MR BANG EM himself, you heard?”

  • Who or what would you list as your musical inspirations? 

“Soulja Boy. Tupac. And I would say 50 Cent. Those are the three people I really looked at. I was like, “Nah, they got it. Feel me?” They had me hype! I was like, I gotta do this too. Growing up I was always looking up to those three.”

  • What is your favorite personal record to date in your career? 

I would have to say “GRABBA”. “GRABBA” is the best song I ever did. That sh*t fire!”

  • As a forever personal favorite of mine, “Pinocchio”, which is so catchy and an overall bop. Since it was the record to really skyrocket your career, I have to ask — how did the creation of that single come about? 

“The Pinocchio right? Yeah, that was just me living. I’m not gon’ lie, it wasn’t really any thoughts to that song. Because mainly with my music, I like to sit down and think about like, What should I do? I should come up with like a video idea, a concept of it. But like, That video was the most genuine video I’ve ever done. I did that video in like 30 minutes. I feel like it brings that genuine energy, when you’re just having fun and you don’t have a to do too much. You don’t have to try and force the fans to like it. So for me, it was just me having fun in two locations. So like, that was the best part about it being me.”

  • From Social Media to music to advocating for important issues within our communities, you are doing your thing! Can you describe how it feels to be in this cyclone of good fortune that you’re experiencing right now? How are you handling all of it?

“Right now it feels unbelievable. I feel like even when I was a kid, I always wanted to make a difference with something I’m doing. To this day I feel like I still got more to accomplish where I still got more to achieve. Right now I’m definitely happy with what I have done. People that respect my grind and my past, see what I’m doing and will be able to get motivated from what I’m doing. That feels good.”

The Ron Suno Experience and Artistry 

  • Since the start of your career — you’ve stood out. What would you say is your secret weapon?

“You have to be yourself regardless. Just be yourself. If you just be yourself you don’t have to try and be like someone or something else. Because if you try to do that and be somebody else it’s gonna be hard because you can’t be somebody because you know they’re doing. If you just be yourself, you can conquer yourself and achieve that and be the best you that you can be.”

  • All of your comedic skits that are paired with your records — do they come as inspiration for the record or from after the record is curated? 

My comedy and my music, that’s like two separate things. Those are two different emotions, opinions and feelings, feel me? Like if I’m in a funny mood then I’ll think of some funny shit that’s relatable, that’s happening to me. And then there’s an everyday life shit. With my music, that’s just how I live. I’m talking about what I’m going through what I’m doing my daily style, what I like to do, what’s fun to me feel me? They’re like two different personalities.”

Ron Suno – Jokes Up 

  • You recently released your sophomore studio album Jokes Up, how would you describe the project as a whole?

“I feel like ‘JOKES UP’ is opening up a new shell. Of what’s to become big, ya heard. Feel me? Everybody know me for being funny so the name is self explanatory, like jokes up. That’s just showing me taking it serious and opening up new lanes for myself. To show people that I’m growing, elevating, and doing different things. Elevation, progress. Because after ‘Jokes Up’ we might ive them, ‘Like Mike 2’ you never know. There’s always gonna be more. Right now we are just showing them how serious we are with this music.”

  • What was the creative process like creating during the pandemic? Would you say it was beneficial or difficult?

“I feel like it’s both. It’s beneficial and difficult. The pandemic gave time and when you have time on your hands, you have time to create, blueprints and things like that. But then again, you’re not outside tapping in with the real world but you are still tapping in with yourself . So it’s like 50/50.”

  • You were just in Brooklyn showing love for what would’ve been Pop Smoke’s 22nd birthday, and your record “Grabba” garnered mad love. What was that experience like? Seeing everyone hitting the #GrabbaChallenge.

“I’m not gon’ lie, that was fire! I was surprised that they played that when I walked in there. As soon as I walked in they showed love. I feel like everybody smokes Grabba. If you live or from New York you gotta smoke Grabba. So I definitely try to make songs and something that’s relatable for my people. I like my marijuana so I got to travel with my Grabba right here.”

  • You have used social media to build your brand and empire including Instagram, Tik Tok and more, what advice would you give emerging artists when it comes to social media and their music career? 

“I feel like everybody has their own niches. It’s like a book. If you read a book, every book will have different chapters have different ideas of what and where they’re trying to take you. Everybody’s like a book. They have to create they’re own story. If you say your own story is about having key points. So the key points is what stands out about you. The key point is that you’re good at this, people are good at different things. Like they might know how to play piano, they might know magic, they might know how to dance. So it’s like whatever your key point is, you got to master that and put that whatever you’re trying to do with your next move. Such as music, so that’s, that’s all I can say. I probably just gave too much.”

What’s Next? 

  • So I see you have an upcoming show on August 13th out in Brooklyn, what’s it like to be back outside?! What are you most excited about when it comes to performing post-pandemic? 

“You know what it feels like…It feels normal again. That’s what it feels like. Like before it wasn’t feeling like nobody was really communicating. Everybody was inside on their phones. So when you’re outside and see everybody again, face to face it feels how it’s suppose to feel, feel me? Me, outside I like to see faces and things in person. Like I’m definitely feeling good to be around.”

  • Lastly, as we are excited to hear more about your craft and what you’re currently focused on, what else is next for Ron Suno? 

“I’m not gon’ lie… I got more music. I got a single coming after the tape for me. After the tape, I’m gonna do YouTube next. But shhhh I can’t tell people what I’m doing next lol. Because I like to be unpredictable a lot. But I definitely got a hit song after the tape. After the tape is done being promoted and we are moving on with the tape. I got a single that’s going to GO CRAZY! A whole other challenge!”

  • Thank you so much again for taking time out to chop it up with myself and KAZI Magazine for this dope interview! It was a pleasure speaking with you. I know myself and the fans included are excited for more Ron Suno!

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