Johnny Quest The Rebel Drops “Addicted 2 Money

Johnny Quest The Rebel returns after his 2020 project Follow and prepares to continue his journey as one of hip-hop’s young stars with his latest single, “Addicted 2 Money“.

While Follow is a story of the hardships of obtaining your dreams, Addicted 2 Money is a look at money and value as a substance. Also, finding comfort and refuge in them (to the point of obsession). The song turns into a self-made narrative of increasing personal value independent of external relationships, resources, and substances. In turn, Quest has focused his addictive personality on obtaining riches. The Bvtman produced track romanticizes Quest and earning capital and is a musical score for the hustler-at-heart. 

“People interact with you based on how they value you. My addiction became increasing my value.”

Johnny Quest The Rebel

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Since the release of his first project “Rebelz N The Hood”, Johnny’s sound and image has grown, effortlessly inspiring listeners and fans as he raps of achieving the impossible. With songs like “Truth or Dare” and “www.”, “Soul Rebel #1” curates a spacey, euphoric atmosphere in his music, shrewdly delivering inspiring lyrics to the misunderstood. Quest continues to release special content for a particular audience: the listener that believes any goal is within reach. Despite making music for the goal oriented and rebellious, the most important objective during Johnny’s quest is keep people enlightened. With that premise, there are no limits for this Rebel.

Today, peep the new single below here!

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