Joey Bando Puts Jersey Back On the Map

Rapidly growing outside of the Garden State is none other than rapper Joey Bando. The self-motivated rising rhymer is bringing back authentic hip-hop mainstream. 

His most recent release titled, “1200” features musical intricacies immersed in cultural richness. Nostalgic for Brando’s childhood block, the AXL Beats-produced single is emotionally grounded in well-crafted artistry.

“1200” – A Track For The Empowering Minds

The hot new track serves as an anthem for the empowering minds, cannabis lovers, drill heads as well as those who like to ball out! From the Jersey streets of Hoboken, this multi talented artist is in his prime within the epicenter of the continuously evolving hip hop scene. As a result of not being afraid to step outside the box and push the barriers of our perspective.

As a standout rapper, with his profoundly layered and well-crafted production, he is a force to be reckoned with. He’s been led by his drive, focus, and tenacity throughout his career thus far to the relentless artist we know today. 

Jersey’s Joey Bando Is On The Rise

Joey Bando’s music is motivated by a desire to encourage, inspire. In doing so, he shares his narrative in his own unique style. Utilizing music as a means of self-expression to express stories and shared ideas that will appeal to a wide range of people.

The Italian-American musician draws listeners in with his distinct tone and thick New Jersey accent. Joey Bando combines a variety of unique and experimental sounds with his intricate wordplay. He frequently dabbles in numerous contrasting flows, resulting in Hip Hop-centered fusions with nuance undertones. 

He credits hip-hop culture in general as a major influence on his music. In addition, He finds inspiration while consuming medical-grade cannabis, which is crucial to his artistic work. All of this culminates in Joey Bando creating a pleasant and engaging musical experience that is genuine and rooted in reality.

A Musical Catalogue For The Masses

A major goal of his is to use his music as a voice for cannabis awareness as well as to be remembered as an icon. Thus far, Joey Bando has a number of projects in the stash. Some of the most notable being Nocturnal and Goonie. With a diverse, stacked up discography — Joey Bando is one of the industry’s most promising artists. 

His latest drop off, “1200,” features his distinct lyrical content and Rap style. Through his rhymes he takes listeners on a journey and a rollercoaster of emotions. Transporting them to a place of escape in the world of music while simply having a good time.

Joey Bando Brings Bando Farms

Additionally, his highly anticipated upcoming projects will highlight his passion for music as a craft. He delves deeper into the emotions that make up the human psyche to analyze multiple themes. He will also use his new music to connect with the cannabis community worldwide. On the other hand, the cannabis enthusiast has a new business, Bando Farms which is set to become a marijuana staple. 

The gifted enigma is here to revolutionize the industry and leave an unforgettable mark. He is the missing piece to Hip Hop’s never-ending puzzle and the answer to the question that rap music has yet to ask. Stay tuned here at KAZI MAGAZINE for more of Joey Bando! 

But first, be sure to stream “1200” available on all streaming platforms now. Also take a look at the hot new visual below. Let us know what you think!

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