Joei Redd Gets Introspective On ”BOON’ EP

Joei Redd is a Motor City rapper that has been feeding the streets with music since her debut mixtape ‘While Y’all Were Sleeping.’ After killing multiple features and shows in the city, she became one of the most sought-after talents in her region. Detroit is known for its eclectic style and hard-hitting production. Joei’s confident, authentic bars have kept her in the ears and hearts of many.  Coming off her latest release, “Bay Bae,” Redd drops a new EP, BOON, catered to a wider fan base in the industry. The tracks on the EP are the epitome of growth within the creator.

Redd’s music is compatible with almost every lyrical rap fan imaginable, but her lifestyle is only for the realist. Fortunately, Joei is on a different level of artistry and storytelling than before. Her magical flow and willingness to work with various producers have helped her get this far. Her latest EP pushes the limits of her skillset like never before. Songs like “Hollywood” and “Can’t Wait” are bright moments on the 7 track EP. Her collaborations with Falana Michelle, Al Khufu, and Woodrow The Entertainer are perfectly placed. The new project shows Redd being more than an artist. She sees music in a way she has not before. No one can sonically paint the picture of her life as well as she does.

While this EP is one of the city’s books, she is looking to grow past that soon. Her following on social media is strong, and the music is getting better every day. Very soon, you will hear about Joei in more circles if her growth continues at this level. At just under 18 minutes, the succinct project is a nice sample of what is to come. 

Check out the new EP from Detroit’s own, Joei Redd today.

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