Joatheplug Shares Top Lessons

The lockdown has made an artist out of many. While some revisited and reconnected with old passions and cobwebbed desires, many others found new ways to express themselves. Endeavors which started with the hope to kill time, revivified in many people a zest for life itself. Thanks to social media, these old and new expressions found their way into the magical world of the internet and helped creators and artists find more genuine reasons to do what they do.

Late Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen once said, “If I knew where good songs came from, I’d go there more often.” Most artists feel that there’s no one place from where their work draws its essence.

Some believe it’s over the rainbow, some feel it’s beyond the matrix; for others, it’s inside an enchanted forest and yet others think it’s hidden somewhere in wonderland. Wherever or whatever that place may be, for Joa it is “a place of balance, of mental and emotional unity. It’s a place where ideas are born, it’s the internal mecca of creation.” 

Therapy is an art. But what about art? Can art be therapeutic, can it help? The answer is yes and has been so since art came into being. The oldest art forms created shapes of animals that could be hunted, eaten, or avoided. It helped save lives. Modern art caters to similar modern problems.

As someone who is invested in music, Joa realized that “music or any art form, speaks a language that’s beyond spoken languages. It’s a language that speaks to one heart from another, from one mind to another. That kind of healing is prescribed by the soul and when done from a place of truth and authenticity, it can weave magic.” 

Solitude is a great teacher because it’s a great reminder of what we are capable of and what we need to overcome. With the future yet to disclose the writing on the wall, it’s important for artists and individuals to take one day at a time, to create, craft, decipher and share one thing at a time.

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