JJ Finesser: The “Classic OG”

On his most recent album, Classic OG, JJ Finesser returns to emphasize his successes. In our society, the opposite of courage is compliance, not cowardice. The arts improve societal temperament and ideals. As a result, the phrase “Classic OG” was coined. 

Unfortunately, the same content and music is being flooded within the market. But, there is no need to fear, JJ is here to make a difference. Classic OG distinguishes itself by being unique and providing the highest value to the market.

JJ Finesser Is A Classic OG

In addition, JJ speaks on the relevance of his album:

“The 90’s Hip-Hop that I grew up listening to is going to be revered similarly to the Motown Sound as time progresses. ‘Classic OG’ is a Hip-Hop Renaissance masterpiece” 

With Classic OG, JJ Finesser completes his trilogy of studio albums. Which serves as a refinement and coming of age for him as he clarifies what’s important to him: Family & Growth.

JJ Is Old School Meets New School

Furthermore, he utilizes his own music style as an ode to old school Hip-Hop and the development of his craft. Jerry D mixed, mastered, and produced his entire musical trilogy. Additionally, when reflecting on the curation of the album, JJ Finesser says: 

“‘Classic OG’ is a culmination of a level in my Life that began with alcoholism & homelessness. It’s a level that taught me that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I stopped drinking alcohol in 2017 & it’s one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. By detoxifying the mind, body, & soul, I’ve been able to consistently sharpen my focus & reprogram outdated thought patterns & belief systems that caused self-sabotage. My album is a representation of who I’ve become, a ‘Classic OG’.” 

Above all, JJ Finesser describes himself as a real Hip-Hop emcee who draws inspiration from A Tribe Called Quest, Static Major, Big L, and Black Star. This up-and-coming rhyming sensation is in his prime, and you don’t want to miss out! Give Classic OG a spin and let us know what you think!

Winning. It’s the only thing that matters.” – JJ Finesser

If you made it this far, be sure to check out our interview with the “Classic OG” himself, JJ Finnesser.  

JJ Finesser x KAZI Magazine Interview 

•Hey JJ Finesser! Thank you for talking w| me and KAZI Magazine! First, before we jump into specific questions about your most recently released project, Classic OG, the business, and more — why don’t you give fans some details about you and your story.

Thank you for the feature KAZI Magazine.

I started recording my 1st album Nalej in 2013 as a Freshman at Santa Clara University. After I graduated Business School, I recorded my 2nd album Opus Dei in 2018.  Classic OG debuted on June 11th. 2021.  All three albums have been produced by Jerry D.

•Where did you find your artistic inspiration for your project, ‘Classic OG’?

Eddie Kendricks, Aaron Hall, & Static Major 


•What was the curation process like? How long did it take?

I began recording ‘Classic OG’ in 2018 when I was homeless from October 2018-December 2018. I completed the album in the summer of 2020. There’s been a lot of change in the World within that timespan. Personally, I was experiencing the death of my Great-Grandparents in 2018 & 2019. ‘Classic OG’ is about who I became in the process of creating the album.

•What are some of your personal favorite tracks off the album?

Great question. All of the tracks are interdependent on one another so they are all of equal importance. “Perfect Match” is about the light. In a time of darkness, it was the first song I recorded for ‘Classic OG’ . There’s potential for the music video to become a movie. “True Love Stories” do numbers.

•What are some of your favorite lyrical highlights of all time?

An important aspect of my lyrics is that there’s a positive vibration when recited. Whether I’m thanking YAHUAH on “Live Life” or praying the Prayer to Saint Michael at the end of “The Anthem”, I want the listener to prosper when listening to JJ Finesser’s music.


•In what ways have your surroundings shaped your creativity?

I have the upbringing of a large traditional Family. I’m thankful that the old school environment influenced my gene activity to express my art in a soulful way. Epigenetics, that is the foundation of Classic OG. A Rap Album with The Motown Soul. 

•What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?

When I was a Junior in college, I got a .23 DUI. I stopped drinking alcohol in November of 2017. Great Decision.

• You discovered your passion for music at a young age, what was the first song you ever made? What was the experience like? 

The Summer of 2013. I knew I was onto something special when I recorded “I’m En Vogue”. I felt the feeling of definiteness of purpose.  Instantly, the neural pathways were activated. 3 albums later, the neural pathways have only been reinforced. I remember I called my comrade Michael Petersen, who pitches for the Colorado Rockies farm system, and told him to come to Jerry’s studio. That was around the time he got drafted. We linked up and there was an energy in the studio that night of hunger, determination, & winning.


•What are some crazy or funny behind the scenes anecdotes from your music sessions that you can share?

Smoking Cigars & Masterminding with Jerry definitely enhance the quality of the music.

• As hip-hop heads, what is your feeling in regards to Hip-Hop/Rap’s impact on society? Do you feel it’s positive or negative?

“The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity.” The very essence of Hip-Hop is the uniqueness & style of expression. The impact is neither positive or negative, it’s just feedback. The key as an Emcee is to create a product that will have a positive impact for all who listen to the music.

• Agreed! Love to hear it. As a pioneer of old school meets new school Hip-Hop, how would you define Hip-Hop? 

Hip-Hop is an Art. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Real Hip-Hop is timeless.

• Loving that response. On average, how long does it take you to pen a record? 

A record is always penned at the perfect time within the flow state.


• Is every track you’ve written and distributed been from real experiences and feelings? If not, where do you draw inspiration from? 

Songwriting is a fundamental skill of an Emcee. I always write my lyrics in a notebook with a blue pen to preserve the authenticity of my art. It’s a personal signature to know it’s a JJ Finesser Creation.

•How would you describe your lyricism? Do you see your lyrics as a form of poetry or as a collection of catchy lines?

My lyricism is one of a kind. I’ve learned from the best. All my rhymes on Classic OG are clean because Rakim never used profanity. Learned from KRS-ONE the way to teach the rhymes. I’ve learned the importance of having a distinct charisma from Big L. I’m obsessed with studying the Greats. I am a lifelong student.

•What do you hope to accomplish this year with your music?

RIAA Certifications

•I definitely see that in the near future for you! Keep being great! Lastly, thank you so much for chopping it up with us today! Before we wrap up, what’s next for JJ Finnesser? 

JJ Finesser & Da Hermit Present: Family First


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