Jimmy Bolt Has New Music On The Way

Ready for some exciting news in the music world? Been following the hip-hop and rapping scene and looking for a new up and coming artist to follow? Here’s an artist you want to know. Jimmy Bolt, an up and coming rapper from the Houston Music scene.

Who Is Jimmy Bolt?

At just 21 Jimmy Bolt already has an impressive discography behind him. He’s released several singles since 2017, dropping at least one single or collaboration since his entry to the professional music world.

His collaborative partners include Lil Keed, MelFigure, PYL, and Lunitic Novae, releasing collaborations on his own records along with guest appearances on other albums. He’s brought a little of his flavor and sound to each and every collaboration, making his mark on every song he’s part of.

That’s why it so exciting to see some new music coming from an artist that’s recently been on a several-year hiatus as he solidifies his sound and works to bring more polish and skill to the next album.

Not that he’s been out of sight in the music world. No, while Jimmy Bolt might not have released any albums recently. He’s been in and out of the recording studio and is clearly working hard to make this next round of music even better than the album he’s already released.

It’s been clear in the Houston music community that Bolt has been working on something big. Even if most people still don’t know what exactly he has in the works.

New Singles

We have gotten a little glimpse, though, in his two most recent singles, ‘Wolves’ with Lil Keed, and ‘Shots’.

‘Wolves’ sounds a little more like what we’d expect from Jimmy Bolt’s previous work and collaborations. Its melodic opening and consistent beat meld with the singers’ voices. It creates a sound that makes as much sense in a lounge as it does as the slow song on the dance floor.

‘Shots’ really shows the evolution in this singer though. Working by himself, he’s able to craft a unique sound. One that’s a little more meditative and harmonious while still holding to his rapping roots.

He has a natural sounding voice through most of the song; and a beat that’s clearly influenced both by classic rock and by the harmonious chords of jazz. Bolt takes classic hip-hop subject, sex, money, and high rolling lifestyle, and makes it something a little more.

For such a young artist it’s an impressive performance and an impressively meditative track.

If these two tracks are any indication of what Bolt is going to bring to the table in future releases; it’s clear that he’s about to make a big splash in the world of hip-hop and rap.

There isn’t another artist half this exciting in Houston’s up-and-coming music scene right now. No one should be surprised that we’re excited to see the next albums coming out of the young star.

Whether he stays focused on his high-rolling lifestyle or branches out into new subject matter; one thing is clear, this artist’s voice and his music are going to make a big difference in the music scene over the next few years.

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