Jhonni Blaze Continues To Set The Entertainment World On Fire

In 2022, if you haven’t already… it’s time for you to bet it all on Blaze! Multifaceted musician, model, and vibrant video vixen Jzapal “Jhonni Blaze” Jackson is a force to be reckoned with as she is trailblazing through the industry. Quickly rising to stardom, she received her stage name from her quick temper. One in which she has worked hard to overcome and has enabled her to excel to new heights!

The Rise Of R&B Songstress Jhonni Blaze

As a child, growing up in the church, Jhonni honed her musical abilities. In fact, this is where she was inspired to tap into other instruments as she witnessed a woman of the church who would sing while playing the piano so beautifully. As a result, Jhonni’s musical journey jump started! She began by banging on her grandmother’s piano, learning “Fur Elise” by ear. Although her family didn’t have much money, her village made miracles. In doing so, her mother was able to buy her her own keyboard to practice on. Shortly after, she began teaching herself other instruments including guitar, drums, clarinet, and violin, using her musically tuned ear. Never professionally learning how to read music, Jhonni has an amazing ability to mimic the music. 

While unfortunately experiencing a rough and traumatic upbringing, Jhonni turns pain into power effortlessly. After overcoming a traumatic childhood, fast lifestyle, and drugs — Jhonni became a stripper to fund herself and family. As a result, she established an expansive following on social media and used her presence on the platforms to network. Back on Christmas Day 2013, Jhonni witnessed an altercation that led to her boyfriend’s fatal shooting in front of her. He had been such an inspiring presence for her, and the situation prompted her to make a decision that would drastically alter the course of her life. With a new found perspective, she stopped using drugs and began focusing more on her musical career. While social media may have aided her in becoming a well-known face, her hustle and determination led to appearances in Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin, King, and XXL.

Jhonni Blaze Lit The Music World Up With Real R&B and Instruments

From magazine spreads and music videos to the big screen and everything in between, Jhonni has an unrivaled creativity that shines in the spotlight. Over the years, Jhonni has established herself as a model, video vixen, and talented R&B musician who can play an intriguing amount of instruments. She has appeared in over 30 music videos for artists such as Chris Brown, French Montana, Jadakiss, and many more since breaking onto the scene. 

Continuously making moves within music in every form, she has also appeared on the covers of magazines such as XXL, Hip Hop Weekly, and Black Mens Magazine. In addition to her successful modeling career, Jhonni, has appeared on the VH1 reality show, Love & Hip Hop New York as well as WE TV’s Growing Up Hip-Hop ATL. Since appearing on the shows, Jhonni has always pushed her first passion — music. In doing so, she used those platforms to pursue her music career full-time. Jhonni’s ambition is to use all platforms to showcase her musical abilities and pivot her career once more. She is actively involved in all aspects of her music, including singing, writing, co-producing, and directing music videos. Though she is not afraid to admit that she now has a team to help her through the process. I mean hey, it takes a village! 

Since 2015, Jhonni has been taking fans on a musical journey. She’s gifted listeners’ eardrums with releases such as “Revolver”, alongside a string of singles in 2018 – 2019 including “Bad Woman,” “Speechless,” and “Bon Appetit”. During the pandemic, she used her downtime to make a come up! In fact, she filmed and directed ten new music videos. In which she went on to release three singles and videos: “YEA”, “Carlton” (featuring LightSkinKeisha), and “Pussy Control”. Throughout her thriving career, Jhonni has collaborated with artists on every playing field. She’s worked with artists such as Lil Donald, 1PLAYY, NeYo, Bernie Man, Elephant Man, Mariahlynn, amongst others.

Bet On Blaze

Paving the way for other multitalented musicians, Jhonni Blaze keeps the music hot and the content even hotter! In 2022 alone, Jhonni has dropped bangers back to back. Following up her 2021 trendy track, “I’m So Into You” featuring Trina, Jhonni unveiled a slew of solo singles in the new year. 

From “It’s Alright” and “Hold Me” to “Reasons” and “Spend It”, Jhonni’s reality is reflected within the records, making it easier to resonate with the masses. For the future, Jhonni Blaze hopes to continue establishing a genuine household name for herself. In doing so, she looks forward to making great music, and taking a step into advocating for women’s rights, entrepreneurship, and humanitarian efforts. Keep an eye on her because she doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon! For now, get familiar with this raved about R&B songstress here at KAZI Magazine! Take a look below at our insanely inspiring interview with Jhonni as we talk artistry, reality tv, step into a singing session with Blaze, and more!

Jhonni Blaze Meets With Minnee To Talk Artistry, Reality TV, Turning Pain To Power, and much more!

  • Hey Jhonni! Thank you so much for tapping in with me on behalf of KAZI Magazine! Before we jump right in, let’s bring fans back to the beginning. Who is Jhonni Blaze and where did it all begin?

So my name is Jhonny Blaze, but now I go as Jhonny. I’m a recording artist, but I started out as a dancer. I’ve always done music all my life and I just kind of have different levels of growing. That’s how I kind of look at my life, just levels of change. So now I’m here, playing instruments, enjoying life, you know. Getting the records and the features, just really all in with the music and it feels great!

  • Who or what would you credit your musical inspiration to? 

I’m not gonna hold you… Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Mary, Mary. I love all that. That’s where I started. I started in the church. I was a kid in the big choir. In fact, the first song that I sang was Mary Mary “Can’t Give Up Now”.

  • Next, what’s your creative process like? How do you remain so creative? 

Life and everything around me. Everything around me I’m just like, hmm I’m going to write about that. I’m gonna write about that. Yup, you’re getting written about. Honestly, just everything, any emotion day to day, lingual, different cadences, the way people talk, just being around different types of atmospheres and different people. You just learn a lot, and you write about it. And that’s the great space that I’m in. It’s just exciting, because really all I need is a candle and a studio. I’m fine, you know, I’m straight, because I’m so focused on stuff. So really my creative space is just everything. You know, I feel like it should never be one thing because then you don’t expand your mind. Especially when it comes to writers, for example, somebody might say something that you want to express but you can’t say it, but they wrote it the way you want it to. So it’s just multiple things that intertwine with the process of music for me.

  • As a multifaceted musician who is a singer-songwriter and producer… which art form is your favorite and why? 

Performing, because then it’s like I get this reaction like, Huh? Like, what? You sing? And I’m like, Yeah, unfortunately I do. It’s like a little excitement for it and then just to see people’s face you know. Then to just really perform with the different instruments or whatever the case may be. Then I would say that the recording process is fun too… like being in the studio. I would say the last one would be… that’s the tough one. Oh! The music videos. The music videos be so bomb. I just did a video for one of my records and it was just so fun. But I had two videos in one day then I had to go to another. I went from 12 to 5pm with Neyo, 6pm to 2am and shoutout to Wale because he flew to Atlanta while he was in Ghana. That was pretty tight, so the videos are really cool to do too.

Who Is Jzapal “Jhonni Blaze” Jackson

  • What would you say is the biggest misconception about you and why?

Honestly…I don’t know any more. I be zoned out to the point that I’m just like, look, think what you want at this point because I don’t know what to say. Because I used to care so much and I’m like, oh my god, I gotta clean this up. I got to do you know, PR work with you know my team with my PR and oh, we gotta get this taken down. on and you know, clean this and it’s just like it’s a process. So it’s like, I’m not gonna let people’s comments or what they feel about me affect me. People think whatever. So it’s hard to pinpoint one thing that people misunderstand because they misunderstand me completely. I just don’t really care for it because there’s so many people that love me. I haven’t gone out for like a year and I just recently started going out in June around my birthday. I reside in Atlanta and also I go to LA a lot also and I’m seeing the reaction because I put in work. I’m not putting out drama and stuff. So it’s like, I listen to people, but I don’t focus on it because then that  means that I’m taking time out of my day that I could get some money, I could be being creative, and I just needed to block that out of my world. So I don’t really know what people think or misunderstand about me, anymore. I don’t know.

  • Many may know you as a reality star from your appearances on the big screen through reality tv. Transitioning from reality TV to music, would you say TV is a great stepping stone for aspiring artists?

If you know what you’re doing, I didn’t know what I was doing at first. And then that’s how you kind of seen from Love & Hip Hop to Growing Up In Hip Hop to the last season I did. Where I chose to, if I’m gonna go out and step away from reality TV, I’m gonna leave y’all with what I’m working on. And that’s forgiving, sometimes admitting that you are wrong. patching up relationships like Da Brat. She’s married to a friend of mine that has, you know, business that we’ve done together and she’s such a sweetheart. She was the reason why me and Brat got cool. It’s just examples like that, that’s what I want to leave reality TV on. So it’s just I don’t know, now I think people just think that I’m that way. Again, that goes back on yourself because it does kind of mess you up in a way, because you’re showing what you want to show. So I stepped away from that, I just didn’t want to be around it. If that makes sense. Whatever you put out is what you put out. And what I want at last is for people to know that I’m growing and I’m working on myself.

So now I just switched over to completely something totally different that I chose that I wanted people to see. If y’all do want to see me act up and crazy, at least I’m going to be on a TV show. Like an actual show where it makes sense and where it’s acting. So that’s when I started picking up small roles, like on P Valley. Letting y’all see like the other side of me. Or do more skits that I posted on social media and they’re like, “Oh, you really are goofy” or something that my friend had filmed and we found in camera, whatever you put out to the world is what people are going to take so you can’t fault nobody. It’s just for me reality TV would not be for me. Because it’s just not. I got offered it, but it also made me know that I’m strong enough to start declining things. And not in a negative way.

  • Also, what is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from reality tv?

Better people in my corner to check me and to not be afraid. So you know how you have a group of friends. We’re all doing different stuff. Some of my friends are nurses, some of my friends have daycares. Some of my friends have this. Some of us all do music. But we all are honest with each other. I would say in the music category with my friends, I’m the one that’s probably next. But we all treat each other like we’re all next but we are honest. When you see someone’s up next push them. I didn’t have that type of people around when I went on reality TV. You have those types of people that care to see you level up. So I had I would say the right people and then my patience. I already know that every morning I wake up – I just signed that $3 million deal. Oh, they are playing my record. I think that even though it’s not on the radio. It’s not psyching yourself because you can’t psych yourself into something that you already believe. That’s not psyching. I’m just gearing up. I’m just practicing. That’s with all of my business. That’s the two things that I learned with reality TV. Always have great people that are honest and improve with my patience. Having patience. 

  • Do you see yourself returning to reality tv?

Nah. For example, I love Natalie Nunn. That’s my baby and she asked me she’s like, “Would you do you know, audition for Baddies” and I instantly text back and she’ll tell you she’s like, “yo this bitch is just so real because I said I’m going to jail. I said, I work too hard and I don’t want anything triggering because I’m a big advocate of, you know, talking about mental health. I have PTSD and it’s nothing wrong with having something, it’s about how you can grow it right. And I was like no, I don’t want to do it. I’m gonna go to jail. She put lol and said think about it. I was thinking about it, and I was like no. The only reason why is not because I think I’m better than anybody. It’s because I know myself and I know if Natalie would have been like you’re meant to do this movie and it’s you sticking somebody up and fighting and it’s a movie. Sure, of course. I think she gets that from me. She knows I’m not trying to act like I’m better because I did say in interviews that I can’t stand reality TV. I don’t want people to think that it’s towards them. I’m pretty sure she’s like, Yeah, that’s probably why cuz she’s really focused on the music, some things you just want so bad back then. I wanted to be on reality TV now but now it’s just like, No, unless it’s something positive.

From Reality Tv To Mainstream Music, Jhonni Sets The Game A Blaze

  • Also, what’s it like working with the legendary Macy Gray? 

That’s my dog. That’s my dog. Oh man, I can’t explain to you how shit be happening. It be crazy and creepy at the same time. It’s like unreal. So how I met Macy was I went and said, okay, so Lizzo she does a flute and twerk. So I’m going to twerk and play piano. People started paying me to twerk and play piano to their records because they would go viral. So I was like, Alright, cool. Plus, I’m making money. I’m a hustler. You know how I am, I’m going to keep it all the way a hunnid!  I’m making money and it’s something I love to do. I love playing piano and I love dancing so why not put it together? Also, it’s not copying because we’re doing two different instruments like I am very strategic. My mom always told me if you do it first, that’s all that matters. So technically, I was the first to do it. So fast forward and 2 Chainz posted because I went and did it to one of his songs for an album. I was his third reel ever. Macy sees it and she likes ratchet stuff so she goes and posts it. She said I love ratchet stuff. This is so gifted and ratchet at the same time. And she was like Hey, what’s up? I’m like Hi, what’s good Macy?This was like two days before Valentine’s Day. She’s like what you’re doing and I’m like nothing in LA she’s like oh, want to come to the studio, lock in at Paramount? I’m like okay, cool. What day? Valentine’s Day. Okay, shit. I have my boyfriend at the time we go there and then my engineer said Damn, I gotta go back home but I’ll just fly mygirlfriend there. So we all have Valentine’s Day with Macy Gray. In the studio and it was one of my top tier moments for working with females, she’s one of my faves. Well honestly all of the girls are my favorites. It’s just a different feeling. That’s what it is but they’re all good feelings. It was just like whoa like we appear dancing, smoking, just chillin. It’s cool and it’s all live instruments – everything’s live! They got the dude who did Estelle’s “take me on a trip” he did the cadence of it and then we got the other dude who drums for Chris Brown. It was just like wow, this is an artist’s moment. She’s always been consistent. So I ended up co-writing something for her then being her background vocals. Then she wrote me a song, so I landed two songs ss background vocals and co producer. If you look up Macy Gray, it says Macy Gray featuring Johnny Blaze. I was looking like I know you f— lying! Let me make sure it’s not a glitch before I show my mama!

  • So speaking of that, do you have any artists on your collaboration wishlist that you would want to work with in the future?

Oh man. Summer Walker, Lauryn Hill, Patti LaBelle, Elton John, like a piano part where it’s like a music video of Elton John, me and Alicia Keys. Because we all play piano with these big extended custom made pianos. I can see us all like going in and maybe he got the chorus and we got the verses. Then Brandy, Beyonce. I gotta think big! THINK BIG BITCH! LOL! Meg Thee Stallion. I also want to cross over to like Daddy Yankee. Wisin and Yandel, Shakira, go over to the Afrobeats with Davido, Burna Boy. Go over to country music with Dolly Parton. Let’s see we also got Cher, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift,  Tracy Chapman, and Nicki Minaj. I’ll take them all — I don’t care.I want it all. I like talent. I like working with talent.

  • When did you step into the realm of production? 

I’ve been doing it for like 10 years, maybe? Probably longer. Actually, no way longer because my first time recording a song was 14 years old and it was 63 minutes long because nobody told me. I remember the mall and everything. That mall was right down the street from my mama house. I was in a mall. I went to a studio in the mall. It was really 63 minutes long. It’s on a little silver CD. I hope I still got it because well, when I play it, you’re gonna be like… lol 

  • Undeniably talented, how many instruments do you play? What instrument made you fall in love? 

PIANO! It’s right here, down there. There’s two of them. There’s two because this lady named Hazel Scott who was one of the first African American ladies to have her own TV show. She had her own TV show and she would perform playing two pianos at the same time and sing. That was her introduction on her show. So now I got two pianos when I got my loft, I was like, Yeah I need that!


  • Trailblazing in a male dominated and sometimes shady industry, was there ever a time you considered quitting? If so, what made you give yourself another chance? How do second chances play a role in your success?

It’s just me. I can sing. I can play instruments. I can make millions off of that. At the same time I do stuff that I love and have great music out that people can change their life to. Your job or whatever you do should be to the point where it’s so fire that it changes another person’s life. A song could change somebody’s life. I’ve had people say to me, like your song got me through some stuff and I’m like, damn. To me. I’m like, I’m not there yet. But they’re like nah, this song is fire. I like it. So it’s like when I realized that – it was over! Giving myself a second chance, opened new doors and opportunities for me.

  • Paving the way for others and knowing what you do now, what advice would you give your younger self? 

Do the same thing. It’s just taking a little longer. But I would do the same thing. I love it because I would not know what I know now. I’m not old looking, my voice is not messed up, I’m not unhealthy anymore. I’m not depressed, I’m not you know thinking about the things that are going to bother me. So what is my excuse for me to not keep going like I don’t have an excuse? So why not just do it all over again you’re gonna get out of it anyway so that’s how I think. it’s like you’re not going to stay there for long unless you’re content. 

  • From the start you have utilized your talent and platforms to build your brand. As a Boss Babe with a bunch of endeavors like your wig line, clothing line VonKrishna and an inspired lash line, Lash By VonKrishna — how do you balance all of these accolades and accomplishments so gracefully? 

I’m a Gemini. You know there’s like 12 people in us lol! But, no really – I enjoy overworking. I hate to say it but I kind of like to be stressed out and busy. Not like chest caving in and blood pressure high type stress but the productivity and feeling of accomplishment. I like that feeling. 

What’s Next For Jhonni?

  • Additionally, excited to hear more…what’s next for Jhonni? 

I’m about to drop me and Neyo’s video. Then hopefully if I could get Tory Lanez’s schedule we could do the video. I still got me and Macy’s record. I still got me and JuCee Froot, Kevin Gates, Fredo Bangz, and more. I got over 3000 records and not even with features like just solid records by myself. And I just told myself I said, You know what? I ain’t gonna be bougie for the rest of this year. I’m hustling. Like, out there. I was even like, I don’t care if it’s from the streets. You know how street rappers are liking the girls on a hook. They’re going to be like only got $1000, alright give it to me, it’s gonna be one day where somebody be like, Look, I got the 20,000, here you go. I want it all. And if it’s a great record then it’s a great record. But I’m gonna treat that record, even if you gave me $1,000 or $20,000 or whatever it is like it was a million dollar record. So when it does get out and when I get big, they go back to these records and I was still slamming on shit. Like, that’s where I’m at. I’m just hungry. 

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

I love y’all. I do. I never felt like I had a fan base. I feel like it lately. I’d be up and down with it. But now I do because people like my music. I never wanted a fan base for being rowdy or drama. I just want people to like me for me. For me, it’s in my music. Like, I don’t know anything else. So yeah, I would say I love y’all and I appreciate y’all giving me that energy in order to feel that way. I just really appreciate having a fan base and have people that really are cheering for me. I appreciate that. And also, just to focus on your mental health. As people we tend to ignore signs of mental health. That was like my third step for me. So check on that. Check on your friends. Do people just do people right? If they don’t do you’re right, just step away from it. Lastly, really don’t give up. The moment that you’re about to give up is probably when it’s about to happen. All I’m saying is that when you’re about to give up, that can be the shift in your life so just don’t get up at all.


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