Jayson Echo Shares His Top Wisdom to Make it as an Independent Artist

Jayson Echo is a New York-based singer, songwriter, and music producer with an exceptional catalog of music genres. He has written for many other artists and has played on New York Radio Power 105, hot97, and Chicago radio. A prolific artist, Jason wrote a song, “Give it 2 U”, that was co-produced by J Brown and appeared on the top 10 R&B Billboard charts. Jayson is an independent artist whose decade-old experience and networking have brought him to where he wants to be in his music career.

Jayson had one major challenge in his career – beating his ego. “I know I have something special, but that this isn’t going to happen overnight, and at some point, I had to open my mind and work on other aspects of the industry whether it was songwriting or producing or just being around the right people,” Jayson says.

When asked what wisdom he can share with others, Jayson said he would urge you not to stop, never let your ego take away opportunities, and that it’s never too late. Earlier, he thought money and talent would break him but realized it’s much more. “Your work ethic will show whether it happens tomorrow or ten years from now. Always be open-minded!” Jayson adds.

Jayson has incredible plans for his brand in the coming years. He aims to continue working as an independent artist but on a bigger scale. Jayson dreams of performing on a big stage with festival-type vibes and people singing a song he wrote or even singing along with one of his songs. He also plans to help upcoming artists going through the same struggle as his and support them to the top.

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