JayProb Get’s Spacey In His Latest Release, “Gemz”

New York native JayProb has just released his latest single and video titled “Gemz.” The visual and recording artist wanted to do things differently and decided to take an unconventional path when creating this track. He executed his entire process backwards. Most artists usually create a song and then follow up with making the video. In JayProb’s case, he decided to film all of the visuals first before he even recorded the song.

JayProb BTS of “Gemz”

The final result is a two-minute long track with spacey production and Prob’s airy but deep vocals floating over the beat. The song overall feels like a night drive. With “Gemz,” you get a glimpse into JayProb’s world. A world that apparently consists of cruising around the city surrounded by beautiful women and by the looks of it, he has no complaints.

Check out “Gemz” below!

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