JAYO celebrates graduation season with track “Way Back When”

No cap, it’s a lowkey sad day graduating even after all the stressful exams and petty drama with classmates. Los Angeles native JAYO is bringing all the feels with “Way Back When” featuring Ada Pasternak off of his latest project Say It. I can’t tell if it’s the falsetto he hits or the ballad energy that has me crying in the club, but man if I wasn’t brought back to when I walked across the stage in December 2017.

JAYO reflects on the ups and the downs, citing that many people feel they’ll never see their peers again. There’s a certain fear associated with navigating a new phase of life without the people you’re most comfortable with. Rest assured, everyone has their purpose and paths will cross again if they’re meant to. The positivity shouldn’t come as a shock, given his name stands for Just A Young Optimist.

He dedicated this song to his students, because as Kanye said we gotta “listen to the kids, bro.” They need a message like this. JAYO’s story is surely inspiring. Substitute teacher by day to make the ends meet and empower youth, singer/songwriter and rising social media personality by night. He’s been a part of five different ensembles, excelling at piano and guitar. He was a former track star but underneath it all, he knew music was his calling.

I don’t merely want y’all to listen to this, but I need you to. The world ought to know this guy. Check out “Way Back When” and the entire EP. You won’t regret it.

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