Jaymann 2x Is Applying Pressure With “Upgraded 2X Deluxe” Project 

Independent artist Jaymann 2x is applying pressure. He just dropped a 17 song album. Born in Woodbridge Virginia and started making music at the age of 11

family and supporters inspire him the most. His uncle and dad and the culture got him into creating music. His favorite producer is either youngjosebeats or Mikeytussin His personal favorite and opinion of his best record is “Off the top Law”. His most popular track is (Thunder Featuring Bagboydomo).

One day he hopes to collaborate with Drake, Lil Baby or Young Boy. He has shared the stage with SlangKash, Taedaman, and Omiss omega are a few names. Be sure to check out his 11th Album “Upgraded 2X Deluxe” on all platforms!

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