Jaybandsome Is Set For “The Weekend” Vibes

Jaybandsome, New York’s Next One!

Rising New York artist Jaybandsome is the young star out of the Big Apple that fans rave about that people need to keep their eyes on! With soothing melodic lyrics and a cosign by Dreamdoll, Jay is definitely on the rise. 

His latest single, “The Weekend,” puts listeners in the vibe of a fantastic day party and quells the mind with creative wordplay. The dramatic piano base is a nice touch to an eerie and powerful production. Throughout the song, he seduces a woman to his swag and lifestyle.

It’s refreshing to see the youth of a big city approach life differently, such as Jaybandsome. All of his passion and time go into his craft instead of irrelevant activities. 

He wants to be a role model to youth and black people all over the world! Music is a common point, and Jay hopes that catapults him into a position for him to do so! From demeanor to ability, Jay has all the tools to blow in today’s industry.

The young man by the Jaybandsome is creative and will capture the eyes of people worldwide very soon! In the meantime, you can check out “The Weekend” via your favorite DSP.

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