Jay Wood Sprints Through Life With “TRACKSTAR”

Who knows when Chicago lyricist Jay Wood left the starting blocks? It doesn’t matter now. His new EP “TRACKSTAR” highlights his final lunge across the finish line. Needless to say, he won the race.

Jay teams up with Namesake and Moses Mode to present the six-track project. Each song brings a different flavor to your ear, but they all succeed in making your mirrors shake. The EP’s first half exemplifies Jay’s more reckless side, while the second half feels more calculated. His biggest strength is perhaps his understanding of his voice’s sweet spot melodically. Tunes like “CHAMPAGNE” and “TRACKSTAR” allow you to follow along with his flows, as if he’s passing you the baton for the next leg. By the final lap, Wood has had some fun flexing, fallen out of a relationship, checked back in on his former partner, and set his sights on new beginnings.

This is the kind of story that fits best in the context of 18 minutes. Jay Wood was wise to give us a taste of his songwriting abilities in EP-form, as we presumably wait for an album. I think we will soon find out that this has only been the qualifying round.

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