Jay Prezi Drops Captivating New Video For Whoa Alongside Harlem Beanz and Khaliente

Jay Prezi releases cinematic new visual for “Whoa” featuring Harlem Beanz and Khaliente. The trio, decked out in camo, find themselves galavanting through Harlem and running the streets. The three trade bars depicting their lavish lifestyle, while making it clear that their crew is coming with them; they’re taking care of their block.

The Caleb Seales-directed video is filled with bright lights and neon colors as Prezi and his crew make their way through their hood, as they get everyone moving “on go”. The video serves as a bat signal, calling out to everyone around the world to get their bags and get moving.

Check out the video from Jay Prezi, Harlem Beanz, and Khaliente

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