Jay Moon Bares It All On “Who Do You Call”

Jay Moon is next up out of Massachusetts. Moreover, the Lynn, Mass. collective, KMF (Keep Moving Forward) debuts another of their flagship artists today in the form of Jay Moon’s kickoff visual, “Who Do You Call” to coincide with the launch of their new website. Their website gives the fans a way to see their impressive work. New art is the way to make it out of the pandemic. Creativity usually spawns from boring times within the home. Jay Moon is finding a way to stay productive. Thankfully, his art is a light during a very dark time.

You could almost describe this song as pandemic music, speaking as it does to the burden of loneliness. The track was made at the legendary Quad NYC. This is where the guys practically reside. The solid new single has an infectious guitar line & an impressive /commanding 808. Vibe check – reflective. Ride to it solo, or with a friend. Head nodding guaranteed. At the moment, there are not many popular artists from Massachusetts. Jay Moon is looking to shine a light on his area with his talents. Singles like “Who Do You Call” could easily create a space for the northern state.

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