Jay Diener Comes “Full Circle” in New Visual

Jay Diener is back with a vengeance after racking up 120K+ streams on his latest single “Full Circle.” Today, the Randolph, New Jersey artist makes a triumphant return as he unleashes the official “Full Circle” video single. Watch and enjoy as Jay Diener provides you a different vibe from the repetitive trap scene, and it’s sometimes violent narrative. Jay Diener grew up listening to a wide range of music from all different eras. (You’d be impressed by the musical encyclopedia inside of his head, but interested in the fact that he still needs navigation for directions and a calculator for basic math.) This background solidified his massive love for music and creativity. His writing style is heavily influenced by this as well, which covers several genres including Rap/Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Alternative & EDM. Known to put together “mastermind” studio sessions; Bringing in several creatives to complete top notch finished pieces of work. As an artist, he continues to grow his fanbase through his catchy hooks, captivating verses, and his undeniable drive and desire to be heard.

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