Jarred J Rosenberg, The Serial Entrepreneur Trailblazes The Industry

Jarred J Rosenberg has always had that entrepreneur fire. Starting with social media marketing a few years back, Jarred has helped many artists develop their brand to gain credibility in the music industry. “Helping artists reach their full potential is what keeps me going 24/7”, said Jarred. He is passionate about what he does and is always looking for ways to grow his network and give his clients the best version of himself. In 2021 Jarred executive produced his first album, Vaulted, with Semaj the Poet , now streaming on all music platforms.  

Jarred J Rosenberg Is A Serial Entrepreneur

In 2019 Jarred began Vieue Clothing Brand (vieueclothing.com). Vieue is a company born in New York and inspired by the world, dressing those who love understated comfort that’s fit for any occasion. His simplistic street wear has you covered whether you are lounging on the couch or walking down the streets. Jarred spent countless hours perfecting everything Vieue from the hemlines to the website. 

As someone with so much drive and energy, we asked Jarred what motivates him, he said “knowing that anything in this world is attainable with the proper mindset and drive”. His goals are big and his limitations are small – he’s fueled by the mantra anything is possible.

Additionally, Jarred has become involved in Real Estate, e-commerce, and so much more over the past few years. As a result, it’s molded him into the serial entrepreneur he is. Between living in New York and Miami, you can either catch him on a plane or on the phone. But one thing is for sure, he never stops working towards his dream. Keep up with Jarred J Rosenberg to see what his next venture will be. Lastly, stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more entrepreneurial, music, and business dopeness.



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