James William Awad Talks Mission To Give People A Voice

People are one of the most important resources any business can have. In fact, James William Awad is here to showcase just that. When it comes to the music industry, business plays a huge part! Many businesses are aware of this. Leading them to invest heavily into recruitment to ensure access to the best possible talent. Startups often hang their very survival on the talents of the people who work on them. There’s nothing that matters more than people.

Still, even though their Even if their worth transcends the need for proof, it can often appear that people aren’t given the space to be their best and most valuable selves at work. Businesses rely on structures for many different purposes, including accountability. These structures and the hierarchies they create, however, can sometimes have a detrimental effect on people’s ability to contribute the most. While also failing some of their original purposes — including, sometimes, that of accountability.

James William Awad: TripleOne Founder & President

As the founder and president of TripleOne, he believes that squandering people’s potential is a result of an outdated business model. James is attempting to revolutionize business through his work with TripleOne. A decentralized company in which users from all over the world collaborate to build and manage it.

“I love the idea of giving people a voice…That’s in the very core of the decentralized concept. Increasing participation, dissolving some of the structures, and rewarding people based on their input.”

The concept, if successful, has the potential to change how businesses operate completely. When everyone has a stake and everyone has a voice, people’s opinions will matter more. They’ll be rewarded based on how much input they have had into any single venture.

Currently, the concept behind TripleOne is still in the testing phase. While James William Awad believes in its success. Only time will tell whether his mission to give more people a voice in a business setting will eventually succeed. There’s no doubt, however, that this kind of concept has the potential to make a business environment more accepting and conducive to people’s contribution.

What Is TripleOne?

For example, creating a decentralized business structure can incentivize people to improve their performance. With a hands-on approach where every voice is heard and has an effect on the outcome. People can become more engaged and invested in the venture. It’s also very likely that this kind of structure will have a decent retention rate of talent. As all of these features eventually lead to the type of business where the people who work there have a hand on the steering wheel. All the while, businesses will continue operating on the market, which means they’ll be competitive and profit-oriented.

As a young computer programmer, James William Awad, has a shot at becoming the man who revolutionized the way businesses work. No matter how much time it takes for the concept to take flight, he’ll continue working until his mission to give people a voice is fulfilled. Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more amazing entrepreneurs trailblazing the industry!



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