Jae Alexander Drops H20 Along With A Exclusive Q/A

Jae Alexander stops by Kazi magazine to drop a exclsuive Q/A and to share his new single H20

Before You stream H20, Get To Know Jae Alexander

Upcoming Maryland R&B sensation Jae Alexander spoke with us a bit in this exclusive Q/A so the world knows a bit more about Jae and why you should stream H20.

Who is Jae Alexander?

Jae Alexander is R&B. A man who loves music & all it entails. A man with a gift from God he plans on using until his time is up. Jae Alexander is me.

Define R&B in your own words

R&B is what keeps the beat of heart steady. Its the soul found in your body, the music no one was supposed to hear. R&B is love, agony, pain, regret, its the sunrise, & the fall of the same. R&B is deep, kinda like water.

Who influenced your vocal prowess? You give off a 90s vibes

Musiq Soulchild is my biggest musical inspiration. Him, MJ & Tyrese, Kings in their own way musically. My father also raised me on the instrumental group of music that was Run DMC & The Sugarhill Gang. Ima old head at heart. 

What generation is your favorite generation and why?

90s for sure, the best music came out of the era. We honestly are lost musically without it, thats another reason why my music is so important to me.

What’s your style? Can you describe a fit for me?

My style is a mix of the greats with the best production to date from MK. Swaggy, yet sensual. Sensual yet explicit. Explicit, yet tamed. Best I got. 

What rapper would you love to work with and why?

Rapper? I’d love to work with TateKobang honestly. The fool is a genius, slept on, him, IDK, & probably, J Cole. They all ooze greatness. 

Any personal story would you like to share to motivate somebody? 

I was just fired from my job. I was making over 80,000 a year, more than some of my friend’s fathers at 25 yrs old. Crazy thing is I was miserable, and there is a lot of people who would love to be in that position no matter how happy they are while enduring it. I was happy as hell to leave, happy as hell to be fired. I felt relief knowing I was once again in control of my time, my schedule, my music. Thing is, everything really does happen for a reason. Pray & trust the process. No amount of money can buy peace. 

Describe your come up form 2017 to present times, you have made a name for yourself in the DMV 

I’ve honestly been committed to making it work. Recognition out here is minimal. DC is one of the hardest places to come up in because we don’t love nobody til they “on”. Point is, I have just been committed to making myself known, my presence and my work. Thankfully enough, I have had people and companies such as yourself to take notice and back me the best way possible. Im blessed.

How will you translate that growth in the DMV to expand world wide?

Use those same tactics in other areas. More cities, more towns, more exposure. The good thing about this, is as long as your consistent and real, good music will always find its way in the industry. Cus its something you can’t deny. You can deny a certain artist or person, but the world can’t deny good music. I plan on making that count.

Where in the world would you love to perform in and why?

I made a goal to headline Madison Square Garden before I was 27. I not letting up until its done.

Where do you see your career in five years?

At the Grammys, leaving with a smile on my face. Knowing that my music has touched the world. Celebrating with the best of people and company. 

Final thoughts and social media accounts?

#RnBGangShit all day every day. Support your artists & find and seek out new music. Time and time again, you won’t regret it. Give people a chance & be a lover of good music. Find me everywhere on all social media at @thejaealexander & go stream and buy H2O my new single. Bless!

jae alexander

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