Jack Harlow Voices His Thoughts On 2020 Issues With “Only Way Freestyle”

Louisville’s Jack Harlow provides food for thought concerning the state of America with his song, ”Only Way Freestyle”. Recently seen protesting alongside State Rep. of Kentucky, Charles Booker and fellow singer-songwriter Bryson Tiller, Harlow continues to use his voice to spread awareness about the issues that live and remain in this country. In his freestyle he states:

“Spent the last two months bein’ told to get inside / Now we all outside ’cause we sick and tired / 2020 and it’s supposed to be a different time / But racism is alive, though they think it’s behind us / Rest in peace to Breonna / We ain’t askin’ for the moon, just police to be honest

Produced by StarGate, Harlow’s ”Only Way Freestyle” voices support of the Black Lives Matter movement, resentment towards the police, and disappointment with 45 based. By utilizing his platform and understanding the privilege he has, Jack Harlow provides a strong input on how an artist can spread conscious issues about the world today with their music.

Check out and listen to “Only Way Freestyle” below


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