Jack Harlow & Pooh Shiesty Sound Off On “SUV’S Black On Black”

Jack Harlow and Pooh Shiesty undeniably have a gem in the “SUV’s Black on Black” single. For the past year, both artists have been at the top of the game when discussing music charts and their overall relevance within the hip-hop community. When two heavy hitters from the south come together, it rarely disappoints. Jack Harlow and Pooh Shiesty made sure this collaboration was memorable.

Before the single came out, Jack Harlow used his social media platform to tease the song, and his following went crazy in which prompted him to release the song. On Instagram, the snippet received over 1 million views. The clip shows Jack and Pooh Shiesty in the studio listening to the single “SUV’s Black on Black”.

The first 5 seconds of the single give off a bold feel, and before you know it, that perfect beat drops. The mixture of the 808’s, percussion, and the dark cords that follow behind made for the perfect canvas for Jack Harlow and Pooh Shiesty to make their presence known in a flowing yet confident way.

Pooh Shiesty & Jack Harlow Are Polarizing

There will always be an artist or rappers who come along and have a different tone to their voice. But Pooh Shiesty is more than just another rapper with a distinctive tone. The personality and skill to know where to unleash those metaphors are fundamental. The wittiness of Pooh Shiesty gives the single an edge that he could only give.

Throughout Jack’s latest music drops, one common, evident message is the doubt that people have about his rap career. There are many mentions that Jack makes about his position in this music industry and how he is uniquely making his own name. In the song, Jack says, ” Me, I keep the coolest head even when they get the hype at first”. This is insinuating he doesn’t take things within his career at face value. There’s patience and more in-depth thoughts than just the surface-level perception for Jack Harlow. This is only the beginning, and both artist and the lyrics speak of that very clearly.

“SUV’S Black on Black” is out on streaming platforms right now!

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