Jaas Delivers Mesmerizing Live Performance of ‘Straight Up’

A sensational experience. @jaasxx

Buckle your seat belt and stay tuned for an acoustic ride like no other. Hands down one of my favorite upcoming female artists is Jaas, a striking singer and songwriter from Chicago.

As the year begins to wind down, Jaas delivers a beautiful and raw, live visual of single “Straight Up”. The session, powered by D1CMG, is shot by The Royal T Media. Jaas then blessed her fans and released this video via YouTube under her own personal account.

Known for her soulful and powerful vocals, Jaas certainly showed out and turned on her smooth-talking and assertive vocals, serenading listeners with emotion.

Accompanied by Chance the Rapper’s band member, Dwayne Verner who played guitar, Jaas stops time. She peddles harmonies to your ears like an eager pusher-man. Honestly, I would quote some of her lyrics but I would be quoting the whole song at this rate.

Truly a masterpiece, something interesting to note about Jaas’s structure is that there always seems to be an emphasis on chemistry, fun, and character in her music. Linked below, enjoy her newest piece of work and don’t forget to subscribe to her channel. Be sure to check out her other songs and stay ready for her new releases before she blows up.

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