J. Manifest: Creator of A New Carolina Sound

J. Manifest shines in a time where Hip-Hop regional supremacy is at a transitional period. The Carolinas is quickly gaining leverage in the power grab with an abundance of hitmakers (Da Baby, Rapsody) surfacing from obscurity on the top of the charts. On the production side, spearheading the new regime is North Carolina’s own Jerard Manifest Wiggins, better known as the superproducer, J. Manifest.

Sitting behind the boards and providing the best music from around the nation for some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop. For years now. J. Manifest has always made sure to inject every production with the signature Carolina sound codex that the region will recognize, instantly. He fortified his foundation with hit collaborations by Wiz KhalifaRick RossT-Pain, and so many others. 

Proud Moment for J. Manifest!

“One of the proudest moments in my career happened after my first recording session with Beanie Sigel,” Manifest shares. “He told me that he hadn’t seen an engineer/producer perform on my level since he worked with Kanye.  That right there blew my mind and for a while, I thought he was playing games until he trusted me to executive produce an upcoming EP to be released soon.”

– J. Manifest

Wiggins also goes by the moniker Good Brother — and the creator of a fashion brand called Kickz N Snares. The musically inspired brand is the intersection of his favorite two attributes: classic shoes and epic beats. Through his clothing line, he is able to give aspiring artists an opportunity to understand what it’s like to be sponsored by a clothing brand, while also educating them on the techniques behind branding and supporting small businesses. 

Whether fashion or music, J. Manifest always strives to be an inspiration. He explains: “Instead of striving to be the best producer, my passion now is to be the best mentor. On my road to success, I didn’t have too many people I could get valuable advice from. I want to be the person to change that for upcoming producers and artists in the music business.”
And with a catalog that includes Rick Ross’s critically-acclaimed album, Mastermind, Wiggins reveals the ultimate satisfaction doesn’t come in trophies but the abilities to provide opportunities to others. He further explains, “Awards never defined me, however, it feels good to look at my trophy case and see that hard work has paid off.”

Hard Work Pays Off!

The man is a legend — and when pupils asked for legendary advice, he always provides them with the best. He tells inquiries, “I received the best piece of advice for music creation from the Hip Hop legend “Big Daddy Kane”. I remember meeting BDK for the first time and he asked me to send him some beats. I asked him what style of beats he was looking for and he replied by saying; My brother I need you to send me beats the represent you and your craft, Don’t send me beats that sound like nobody else. I ran with that jewel from that day on.” 
J. Manifest is currently working with new regional acts and creating new music for the future of hip-hop.

Take a look at J. Manifest’s latest presentation with Legion of Muzik below.

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