itsMelinaWorld is taking the LoFi space by storm

At only 25 years old, Melina has went from being a runaway model to a beloved Lo-Fi artist with fans across Europe and America. With only 2 projects released since 2019, itsMelinaWorld has shown dramatic growth and divergence from her debut Album “Mochi Love”.

With her new EP, “Passage through Takayama”, Melina strips away layers and fills the void with harmonic Japanese instrumentation which, at first, catches the listener off guard. But, the more one listens to the EP, the more you begin to appreciate the beauty and intend behind the tracks. 

“For me, it was about trying to do something different”, stated Melina. 

“I wanted to look back at my life 20 years from now and say: yeah I’m proud of that”, she continued. Her fans around the world are certainly more than proud, with fan letters and hand-made vinyl art works, Melina has struck a chord in her fans hearts that will continue to ring with every track that she makes. 

It’s not often that you hear fans building an obsession over a LoFi artist, but what Melina shows is that once can be beautiful and have a successful model career, and still walk away from all that pursue something entirely different. 

When asked what her next project will be, she said “You can expect to hear it very soon. I think sometime early next year”. 

With her latest and only single, “Noble Soul”, we can clearly a vastly different style compared to her EP and album. Melina says that this is “intentional” and that singles allow her to experiment with new sounds where she doesn’t have to commit to a “whole project of sounds”. 

It’s not often you come across artists that truly care about the art of making music and are not driven by the pursuit of money. Melina says that her main motive for making music is to “cultivate expression and be real”. 

What I can say for sure is that itsMelinaWorld is an artist that we will be hearing for many more years to come. 

You can tune into her music on Spotify, Apple Music, and the usual streaming platforms. 

Follow her on IG to keep up with her music:

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