IshGotGlo Unveils New Single “Idea of Us”: Listen to the Latest Release from the Rising Artist

Recently, Toronto’s enigmatic new artist, IshGotGlo, released a captivating, slow-burning R&B track entitled “Idea of Us,” produced by the prodigious Dimi. The track is accompanied by a visually striking, cinematic music video that adds to the overall impact of the release.

Song Meaning

Recently, we had the opportunity to engage in an interview with IshGotGlo, delving into the underlying themes of his latest release, “Idea of Us.” He imparted that the song is premised on the notion of one’s romantic partner not truly feeling love, but instead being enamored with the idea of being in a relationship. This subject matter is relatable to many individuals currently embroiled in “flings” or “situationships,” as it addresses the theme of commitment-related issues.


The track boasts a memorable refrain that intones, “she ain’t in love, she just in love with the idea of us,” which seamlessly segues into compelling verses set to the seductive, slow-burning production of Dimi.

More on IshGotGlo

As IshGotGlo readies for the release of his forthcoming album in 2023, we had the privilege of gaining insight into his trajectory within the Toronto music scene. A Scarborough-born hip-hop artist and producer, IshGotGlo embarked on his musical journey at the formative age of 16. Drawing inspiration from his idols such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Ye (Kanye West), he aspired to become a self-made artist within the hip-hop community. While pursuing higher education at York University, majoring in political science, he concurrently taught himself the art of music production. In the midst of his fourth year, on the cusp of graduation, he made the decision to abandon his academic pursuits and fully commit to his passion for music production and artistry. As he continues to make strides in the Toronto music scene, his dedication to his craft is evident.

Official Music Video

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