Introducing Rhonda Wheeler, Founder & Owner of The Wild Rue

The Wild Rue (The Wild Roo), a one-of-a-kind online resource for food recipes, natural cleaning, beauty, wellness, and inspiration is on a mission to inspire, enrich and share. Committed to sustainability by active participation in communities and the integration of sustainable business practices wherever possible, the site was founded by Rhonda Wheeler, a passionate and open-minded individual who is prepared to harness all her strength, availability, and professionalism to catapult the business to great heights.

Passionate about cooking, and with over 25 years of experience in the industry, for Rhonda, The Wild Rue is a dream come true. After leaving the nursing profession, and in an effort to find a career that would fulfil her passions, she came up with the idea for The Wild Rue in her own kitchen. She began making vegan and vegetarian recipes that were delicious and the feedback was inspiring. 

“I’ve always loved to cook,” says Rhonda, “so for me this seems like a natural step.” 

Committed to growing the business by embracing technology, developing strong partnerships, and providing high levels of customer satisfaction, Rhonda is determined to provide the right resources for her customers.

“The Wild Rue believes in building lifelong relationship and strategizing solutions for growth,” adds Rhonda. “We improve network and communication performance with long-lasting, distinctive, and robust solutions. We believe in performing the best and delivering maximum leverage to our customers, building a brighter future – together.” 

Additionally, to ensure that the brand acquires and keeps customers in the critical market segments quickly and effectively, The Wild Rue (The Wild Roo) plans to utilize a healthy strategic marketing plan and various brand-building tactics to ensure its brand exposure. Additionally Rhonda is working on her companion company “Rhonda’s Natural Soaps” which falls in the line of organic and healthy products. Rhonda’s Natural Soaps will be launching very soon!

With an insatiable desire to create such value, it’s easy to predict that Rhonda is destined to achieve the greatness she desires for Rhonda’s Natural Soaps and The Wild Rue.

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