Interview with Jxhn Pvul

We were able to speak with distinguished mix engineer “Jxhn Pvul” about his journey through partnering with OVA, collabing with emerging artists, and garnering over a million streams worldwide.

He’s had several great releases, recent hit “Fine Apple” that he engineered alongside Nic D and 100grahambeats – peaked over 24M streams on Spotify alone; now Jxhn has been tapping into releasing his original work. 

KAZI: So great to be connecting with you Jxhn Pvul, you’ve been a name that’s come up several times in the CHH scene; when did you start working with CHH artists? 

I started working with Christian Hip hop artists about three years ago. I started collaborating on specific projects just before I transitioned into mixing and mastering for other artists full-time.

KAZI: You seem to wear many hats as an engineer; how do you find the balance of honing your craft while keeping up with tight deadlines? 

The secret is long nights fueled by Bueno bars and Redbull energy drinks. But honestly, it’s still sometimes a challenge to keep on top of my projects while simultaneously getting other artists’ done. My priority is and will always be to feed my family, so I have to put other artists’ projects before my own.

KAZI: You’ve recently branded yourself under your engineer enterprise “MixedbyLito” tell us a little about that?

“Mixedbylito” is my engineering alias. I grew up with a friend who had a mutual passion for music. He would always call me “Lito,” which is short for “Pablito.” Thus the name “Mixedbylito” came to life. It is where you can get your fill of getting your song mixed, mastered, or even get an honest mix review. It’s pretty much my bread and butter. 

KAZI: Does the reality of being an indie artist/entrepreneur line up with your expectations of being one?

Not at all. I used to think being an indie artist was not a good place to be in. I thought the dream was to get signed and become successful. The truth is, owning your masters and keeping 100% of your royalties and publishing IS the dream. As an indie artist, you have access to everything you need. It’s hard work, but it pays off.

KAZI: Not that long ago, you put out some original work! Have you felt compelled to release original music now?

Yes! I just dropped a song titled “nostalgic love.” I’m an artist first, so of course, I feel as though I have to crank out my projects.

KAZI: Your mixes sound incredible, and I remember pointing out how dynamic and natural they sound, also commenting on how you are very intuitive and modest with the mix knob – care to give us some insight into your mix workflow?

Thank you! I pride myself in doing “less” to get “more” of the essence out of a song. I assess every song and listen to it dry to see if anything is out of place or clipping. If there are things to re-record, this is the time when I will reach out to the artist to let them know. Once everything is just right for the mixing stage, I will envision the song if the elements are in a room. Every piece of the music has its place in that room, and it’s my job to carve out spots for them to sit just right. Once I have a blueprint in mind, I will gain stage, create delay and reverb sends, and build the main vocal chain. The rest of the supporting vocals are based on the main vocal chain with variations in the EQ and reverb/delay settings. For the instrumental stems of the songs, it’s main volume and slight EQ changes and stereo imaging to get things to sit right in the mix. 

KAZI: What’s your favorite song you’ve mixed to date?

Of course, it has to be “Fine Apple” by Nic D! That song was a lot of fun to mix and so far has been the highest streamed from my line of work.

KAZI: In one sentence, what is something valuable you’ve built your music career with?

Collaborate with like-minded artists, team up with producers, find videographers, and stick to an engineer. Build with a team of people that believe in your craft and be consistent. 

Jxhn Pvul, thank you so much for joining us sharing your knowledge! You changed and inspired many by the passion you put behind your work?

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