Inside Look At Zachariah

1. What is your name?

My real name is Zachari Perry. My artist name is Zachariah.

2. Would you rather have? 50k in cash or a perfect credit score, and why?

50k easy. You can fix your credit score in no time with the right patience and self control.

3. Who is your favorite producer?

Gotta go with Taz Taylor or Nick Mira right now.

4. Are you a touring artist or a recording artist?

I’m currently a recording artist.

5. Have you ever thought about quitting music?

I think about quitting music almost weekly, but this is my passion. I’ve invested everything into this and no matter how upset I get, making music always heals my soul.

6. Favorite Era of music?

Early 2000’s

7. Do you plan on traveling?

Of course, I want to go to LA ASAP.

8. Are you an independent artist or are you signed or under any management?

Independent is all I know.

9. What was your most memorable concert, did you perform at it?

Never performed, going to in the future for sure.

10. What was your biggest challenge that you had to overcome during your music career, so far?

Learning how to engineer audio and how to take criticism.

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