Inland Empire Rapper, Noa James Turns In His Adventurous New Project

Albums that have a theme are always immediate listens for me. When an artist has taken the time to devise a really creative body of work, instead of just a collection of songs, it’s obvious—and for me, it’s a telling quality. Inland Empire native, Noa James definitely has that quality, and he showcases it heavily on his new album, The Majestic Travels of OrcaMANE & Ogie.

Clocked in at 9-tracks with the beats being done fully by Nuglife Productions, the project is very consistent with its ambitions, and highlights a burgeoning chemistry between Noa and his production crew. With minimal features — aside from a scene-stealing Yoshi Vintage verse and a few others — Noa uses the album to help fully establish his own sound, which is aggressive, polished and incredibly infectious.

Press play on the project below and get familiar with the IE General.

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