Inkay2x latest ‘II’ Is Lowkey Insightful

Inkay2x is not a household name but his sounds in embellished. ‘II is a culmination of an indie’s upcoming rise to find himself. The young artist’s talents blends well with symphonic beats to create a credible project.

Composed of eight tracks and about 20 minutes, Inkay2x gives listeners a short glimpse of what’s to come in 2021 and 2022; with this LP. Unique song titles, confident flow, and one feature from Ashley Estes summarizes a album that’s a hidden gem to the industry.

Singles like “In God We Trust” and “No-Hit Wonder” showcase his versatility along with creativity. Dark and eerie but hopeful in song messages make ‘II’ standout for me. Traces of Kid Cudi and Kendrick Lamar can be heard influencing Inkay2x’s sound.

His talent however, sticks out by itself and ‘II’ is a testament to that. Inkay2x’s music sounds polished like a 5 year veteran and it’s wonderful. If you’re in the mood to discover new talent, this project is IT!

‘II’ is available on all platforms and Inkay2x has more content planned for 2021. New artist, new music, and new vibes, we love to hear it! It’s ‘II’ for me and ‘II’ for you from this ascending hidden gem!

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