Infra Redd Taps Nathaniel the Great For New single

Rising out of Compton is rapper, Infra Redd. The California rhymer has released another infectious hip-hop hit titled “Superstar” tapping nine other than Nathaniel The Great. This time him and Nathaniel the Great push the creative boundaries and horizons once again by incorporating R&B elements into his already hardcore-like delivery and compositional style.

On their new trendy track, Infra Redd’s addictive, aggressive, and elevating rap delivery style blends with Nathaniel the Great’s lyrical and soul moving tenor vocals. As a result, making for a unique musical statement within the single.

The Superstar Single

“Superstar” is all-encompassing lyrically and melodically. It uses familiar yet fresh and new pop-style melodies and creative form. The record is a mix of hilarious and serious, as he offers some lighthearted but thought-provoking statements. Throughout the single, Infra Redd bluntly reminds you that he is a superstar. 

Of course, the execution is nothing short of spectacular. The entire production is well crafted. Spotlighting and characterizing the superstar Infra Redd’s already colorful and character-filled vibe. As demonstrated on his most recent release, there is never a dull moment or a lyrical/musical slack when it comes to Infra Redd or his track mate, Nathaniel The Great. Their single is loved by the masses. It can’t be denied as it can pass for R&B, pop, soul, and, above all, hip-hop.

Infra Redd and Nathaniel The Great Are Superstars

Overall, Infra Redd is a one-of-a-kind artist who embodies his artistry. He is not just a rapper but also a [hardcore] poet and overall musician. “Superstar” is available worldwide on all streaming platforms. For now, take a listen to his newest single “Superstar” featuring Nathaniel The Great right here on Kazi Magazine!


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