Indy Rapper/Producer FreshDuzit Is Making Big Moves on the National Stage

For Indianapolis artist FreshDuzit, rapping goes hand-in-hand with making beats. The eclectic musical artist and producer incorporate all of the influences he grew up on. Growing up close to his older brother, he grew up with very little and still made something from nothing. FreshDuzit started producing music and singing at only a young age by writing rhymes in a notebook and singing to instrumentals on YouTube.

Later on, his brother, who was also recording music, taught him how to use FL Studio. In high school, FreshDuzit was selling mixed compilation CDs where he would blend popular songs. Having worked with some of the big names in the industry, such as NLE Choppa, Blocboy, Babyface, 8ball & MJG, among others, keep your eyes and ears open for more of his upcoming projects. Please don’t miss out on his uprising!

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