Indie Group “FiveStarSportsPicks” Paint a Broad Brush On Alt Music Scene

The rising indie group “FiveStarSportsPicks” has already had an impressive debut as an alternative indie band. They have a passion for entrepreneurship, music, and style. The multi-diverse group started their music career as a form of expression and overall love of the music lifestyle; this has changed their view of the music industry.

FiveStarSportsPicks has made it their personal goal to do whatever it takes to succeed in this lucrative industry. They ventured into music at a young age, although they often got sidetracked due to unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, this never managed to blow out their shine because they still had plans for music in the future.

The group advises other aspiring artists to “Make sure you stay active and give it your all because if you do not, it’ll be way harder to get to where you wish if being an artist is your dream.”

Their reputation of making capturing music and being misfits has made it easy for them to cement their presence in the music business. Their vision immediately is to establish a line for other artists out of NYC to be able to FiveStarSportsPicks wants to be known in history as the group who helped pave the way for other indies in the industry.

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