Independent Artists and Established Stars are choosing Melrose Sound Studios

With the ability to create a home studio with ease, recording studios truly have to stand out of the pack with an incredible list of features and most importantly vibe to remain sustainable in 2022. Melrose Sound Studio has managed to create a completely unique offering, which facilitates the flow and creativity for the writers, producers, and artists from all over the world. The studio is proud to say throughout the challenges of Covid, as well as the highly competitive nature of the industry, it managed to perform under all of that pressure. 

The owner of Melrose Sound Studios is Grammy winning music producer, engineer, songwriter and executive, Juan Negrete AKA JP. JP is a unique studio owner as he didn’t get into the game for profits or numbers, but for the love of music. From his beginnings as lead engineer at Atlantic records, to owning multiple recording studios and developing artists, JP has a true understanding of cultivating a vibe for artists to maximize their creativity. This deep understanding of the creative perspective gives him the ability to think beyond the business of the recording studio, and speak to the souls of the artists that are lucky enough to get a slot in heavily booked out Melrose Sound Studios. These days investing in studio time can sometimes be a senseless cost, but when you have somebody like JP curating the vibe of the studio so intentionally and thoughtfully, it makes sense to book a legendary place where hits are born. 

Melrose Sound Studios sees music in color. They feature the Red Room as largest, with the Blue, White and Purple Rooms as the perfect production camp auxiliaries for separate recording, writing, or mixing spaces. The Garden Rooms at the Hollywood Hills location are the perfect place to invite nature and California via their private patios while holding an ear to the music. The different vibe of each space allows any kind of creative to feel comfortable in an environment that matches the tone of their mood or song. 

What makes Melrose Sound Studio special Is that it gives seasoned and up-and-coming artists an equal opportunity to rise in the industry. For the developing artists, this means focused writing camps for them to collab with some of the most successful producers and songwriters in the game. They hold networking parties and events that bring together major producers and that dope, new artist you haven’t discovered yet. For the major artists, they have the most competitive equipment, vocal chains, and talented engineers to compete with the commercial studios. This artist driven mindset of the studio keeps them completely relevant and viable. By simply prioritizing craft, vibe, and community over money, numbers and accolades. 

It’s not every day we cover recording studios, primarily sticking to recording artists. But because this studio is so artist driven we just had to cover what Melrose Sound Studios is doing for artists in Los Angeles and all over the world.

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