IN-L Is Changing The Music Industry

Producer IN-L has been heralded as one of East Coast’s most exciting upcoming artists for his creativity and a unique style full of motivation. 

The upcoming artist delivers music filled with authentic bass lines and guitar riffs that saturate each track with a magical feel and tone that will have you mesmerized and stuck in a great place.

“My main mission is to make sure my music reaches across the globe and is given to anyone with ears to hear and that wants to listen to it. My music catalog has something in it for everyone because there’s no limit or barrier to it.” IN-L tells us.

Being born and raised in Dade County Florida has made a great impact and heavy cultural influence on IN-L and his music because it crosses multiple cultures and is relatable to all. 

All of the music titles and album covers are open to self-interpretation as all art should be. Just know it comes from a place of love; because IN-L stands for “doing music in love.”

IN-L has just released his new EP “Hope & Healing” which was inspired by the hard time people have been having the past couple of years. On the EP you will find songs like ‘I can Relate’ and ‘Let’s keep Going’ that the upcoming artist uses to represent a time to heal and look upon life more optimistically You can listen to the entire album here:

“Through all the trials in my life, it has helped me get through to better times. Trouble doesn’t last forever. New mindset and focus tend to yield new results, even when we feel like hell is still going on around us.” IN-L says.

If you like the artist you can follow him along on Instagram @producerinl

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