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Hailing from Kingston and raised in Broward County, IHateJulian is a talented jack of trades from his work in music, film, and businesses. From co-hosting Shots Of Honesty podcast to collaborating with artists, acting in films, and curating other ventures. IHateJulian continues to exhibit his numerous talents on various platforms and has yet to be stopped. Be sure to read the full interview below and for more updates, news, and announcements regarding IHateJulian be sure to follow him on Instagram & Twitter: @IHateJulian.

Ethan Ijumba: So for starts and for those who don’t know, what city/state do you represent and are based in?

IHateJulian: I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and I was raised in Broward County, Florida.

EI: At what age did you get your start in music and were there any specific artists that you looked up to that made you want to pursue a career as an artist?

IHJ: I started making music in high school as an after-school hobby. Once I graduated high school, I didn’t continue making music, but I hosted events throughout college and after college where I was the MC, and I basically was the DJ’s right-hand man, so I was always up to date with the latest music and memorized the lyrics to all the songs, and I was in charge of playing the right songs at the right times. So music has always been an important part of my life.

EI: Having that coastal background how would you describe your upbringing in Florida and how it shaped you as an artist and as a person?

IHJ: My upbringing in Florida made me tough, mentally and resilient. I grew up with good family values and a lot of support from my family but at the same time some of my closest friends didn’t have it as good as me, so that always kept me humble, but hungry at the same time because it helped me realize that once it’s time to be on my own it’s gonna get real. So I prepared myself for this growing up

EI: With that being said, with how Florida istelf inspires artists musically, did your sound and persona artists-wise? Any specific songs, albums, artists, etc?

IHJ: Musically my inspiration are a long list of people ranging from J. Cole, JAY-Z, Playboi Carti, Pusha T, Future, Kodak Black just to name a few.

EI: From having that range from listening to various and different artists from Playboi Carti to JAYZ. Was it easy / was there any struggle to discover your style/sound?

IHJ: There was no struggle discovering my personal style. I don’t overthink my style or sound because I feel like that takes the authenticity out of it. At the core, I’m laidback, mellow, and I feel like my style and sound showcases that.

EI: For those who don’t know you or haven’t heard your music, how would you describe it, based on the sound, themes, and elements incorporated?

IHJ: I would describe my music as motivational, and cinematic. I come from an acting background so I try to make my music vivid to a listener. I like to always think that every song can be used in a movie soundtrack.

EI: So then with your last album,  you freestyle through the majority of it, did you find it more beneficial than writing with just the traditional pen and pad style?

IHJ: I wouldn’t say beneficial, but it brought a different feel to the music, and it made the process less “overthought” and fun and free! 

EI: Was there any inspiration and influence when composing your songs? Is there a specific process you have when writing hooks, verses, choosing beats, etc?

IHJ: I only write music when I find inspiration, however for my latest album that’s coming out soon I took a different approach and freestyle’d every song and hook. I do this to challenge myself because sometimes I overthink too much.

EI: So then aside from music do you have other ventures that you would like to pursue and explore?

IHJ: Yes, I’m an actor and I have feature films and a web series out, and I plan on doing more acting in the future. I am also the CEO of 2KLIFE, an entertainment group that is responsible for the 2KPOOLPARTY, the biggest pool party in the world!

EI: Having the credentials as an actor, CEO, and artist do you find a struggle to balance and maintain all the different ventures and endeavors you have?

IHJ: At times it’s a bit overwhelming but what I tend to do is give seasons where I focus specifically on one area. I’ll give two months to music, two months to acting, two months to being a CEO, and so forth.

EI: When it’s all said and done, how and what do you look to impact in your music career?

IHJ: I look to impact people in a positive and motivational way, I want people to listen to my music and aspire to be the best that they can be.

EI: In terms of looking to have an impact that involves you wanting to inspire others, is there a specific root or source that inspired you to create music to affect others?
IHJ: Not necessarily, I think it’s not premeditated in my approach, but I just have an inspiring aura naturally. I’m a Leo, a natural-born leader, so before music, I had this effec

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